American Express Travel Services


American Express, commonly known as AmEx, is a financial service public company based in the New York City of the United States. Founded in 1850, the company is well recognized for its various charge cards, credit cards and traveller's cheque. The various AmEx cards are widely popular among the entrepreneurs, service holders, students and other professionals in the United States.

Today, the total number of employees of the American Express Travel are recorded to as many as 65,000, according to the 2005 records, with a net income of more than three billion. Apart from that, American express offers various attractive travel packages to its members and which are concurrently operated through their official website on the Internet. The travel packages include special discounts on flights, hotels, cruises and countless other lucrative offers. These packages include a wide range of destinations not only across the United States but also all across the globe.

The Membership Rewards

This special offer is eligible only for the registered American Express card holders and requires the accumulation of specific points through the purchase of one of their travel packages, cruises or complete trips. In order to activate the points, the traveller must purchase any of the American Express travel packages through their official website and make the payments by using their AmEx cards. The bonus points will be added up to the particular program account that has been purchased within a short period of not more than 12 weeks. With these extra points accumulated the traveller can enjoy various exciting discounts and offers during their vacation.

Travel Insurance

American Express provides a wide range of special travel insurances for the convenience of its customers. The travellers using AmEx can enjoy various insurance offers such as trip cancellation Insurance, Automatic flight insurance, premium baggage insurance, premium car rental protection, travel medical protection and global travel insurance coverage. The travellers can now protect themselves from various adverse situations during their trip outdoors with the assistance of the American Express travel. Anybody have the chances to face undesired situations during their vacations, especially in the unfamiliar places of the abroad and American Express travel has made it much more safer for the vacationers to spend some quality time abroad that is free from tension of the everyday life.

American Express Last Minute Deals

American express offers a special travel package that can be easily booked during the last minute, which ranges from 14 to 3 days before the date of the departure. The last minute travel package comprises of a lucrative travel offer that includes the air fares, hotels and car rentals and all at a special reduced price. Some of the popular destinations of vacation, within the United States as well as all across the globe, are included within this package. Choose from the exclusive Las Vegas trip to the world class beaches and resort vacation from a wide range of destinations.