Travelling is an exhilarating and uplifting experience, a balm for the soul. If you have not traveled you have not lived. This beautiful earth, peopled by such diverse cultures is meant to be seen and explored. Undertake a journey to see the complete diversity of creation. Travel gives one a different perspective on life, broadens the mind lifting you above the mundane.

Travel is as old as the hills, people have been traveling when there were no conveyances, on horseback, on foot, and on high seas in boats.

People travel for varied reasons, to appease the adventurer in you, to satiate curiosity, to discover and appreciate new lands and peoples.

In this age where work, worries and responsibilities are often ahead of you, time for travel is really not possible. But to take time away from drudgery for traveling requires effort, so it helps to have someone dependable to take care of the hassles, arrangements, and organization oftravel. This is where American Express Travel comes in.

American Express Travel

American Express has been working in the tourism service sector since 1915, taking care of travelers needs completely and comprehensively leaving one to enjoy yourtravel experience. American Express started life in 1887 as an express delivery business, branching into financial services and later into the travel service business. In its initial stages it was known for its luxury cruises. In 1958 it introduced its first charge card. In combination with its charge card American Expresses Travel offers optimal service to its customers in the travel sector.

Once you have decided on the destination American Expresses Travel takes over. American Express travel specialists book your tickets, reserve hotel rooms, arrange car rentals and even maximize your sightseeing options. Your evenings are taken care of by providing several dining options,tickets arranged in advance for the theatre or whatever entertainment you prefer. Shopping benefits and discounts are made available to American Expresses Travel customers.

American Express operates in 130 countries with 2,200 offices worldwide, so the chances that you happen on to an American Expresses Travel office are quite good. American Expresses Travel services are maximized if you are an American Expresses cardholder. Services like the Global Assistance Hotline, car rental insurance, and travel accident insurance is provided to American Expresses Travel cardholders.

The Global Assistance Hotline provides legal, medical and emergency services during travel, help with lost luggage, passports and refund American Expresses travelers checks if lost. They check flight status, provide weather alerts and acquaint you with the best shopping bargains.

SinceAmerican Expresses Travel has a worldwide presence the best travel offers, access to lower fares and accommodation is provided to its customers as part of the travel service.

In foreign countries and locations far away from home it is heartening to know that someone dependable is around to whom you can turn for help. American Expresses Travel brings to its service its attributes of integrity, security and quality service.