Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Drive & Coast of Italy is said to be one of the most splendidly beautiful historical places. If you really wish to see the thrill and dying to watch the beauty of the nature then Amalfi Drive & Coast is a place you would not like to miss. It will be the best one to add more charm & spice to your holidays.


If we take a look on the Amalfi Drive & Coast from historical perspective then we will find that generally it has taken a backseat to the events that have surrounded its immediate region.  The Roman settlement of Amalfi had come from the Duchy of Naples in 839 Ad and later in 1073 it was conquered by Normans and farther in 1131 it became the part of the Kingdom of Sicily. In 1558 it was invaded by Turks and at that time it suffered a great loss in its economy. By the beginning of the 19th century Amalfi Drive & Coast emerged as a primary tourist attraction and with that it boosted its economy too.

State Party  Italy
Type Cultural
Criteria ii, iv, v
Reference 830
Region Europe and North America
Amalfi Drive & Coast Inscription History
Inscription 1997  (21st Session)


Amalfi Coast

Facts about Amalfi Drive & Coast

Some interesting facts about Amalfi drive & Coast are: The stretch of Amalfi Drive is very close to the coastline of Sorrento and is well known for its splendid beauty. The life in Amalfi is considered to be pretty busy and hectic. Thus lots of time is consumed in just travelling. On the contrary the area is very difficult to navigate especially if you wish to drive from town to town. A special part about the towns of Amalfi is that each one them have its own charm and individual history. Amalfi was also known as one time maritime power but now it runs at a very slow pace. It also has some beautiful and arresting architecture which is regarded as a mesmerising experience.

Amalfi Coast Weather & Climate

When we talk in terms of weather, there is hardly any time which is said to be a bad one to travel or plan a holiday. Even during the winters or you can say the coolest month the temperature is bearable. During the summer also the area is very comfortable as rainy season usually ends during this time only as it starts in late November due to this summer season is flocked by tourists. Beside this during Christmas time also the area is flooded by tourists. It is only in November when maximum restaurants, resorts and hotels are been closed down.

 Amalfi is fill of events and festivals round the year therefore there is no bad time to go.

Things to Do & Things to See in Amalfi Drive & Coast

There are lots of activities offered by the Amalfi Drive & Coast and one will always find himself indulged in the same. Such as:

  1. Lots of museums which represent the History and older Civilization of the city are there.
  2. Round the year some or the other festivals are going on which will make your trip even more charming and mesmerizing.
  3. The drive around the city beside the coastline will also add fun to your trip.
  4. Various water sports and other adventures such as Mountaineering, Tracking etc.
  5. Some gardens around and in the city are also worth visiting for a small day out is a bright sunny day.

A visit to Amalfi Drive & Coast will definitely will be worth and will add some spectacular snapshots to your holiday album.

Municipalities and Frazioni

  • Vietri sul Mare: Albori, Benincasa, Dragonea, Molina, Raito
  • Cetara: Fuenti
  • Maiori: Erchie, Ponteprimario, San Pietro, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Vecite
  • Tramonti : Campinola, Capitignano, Cesarano, Corsano, Figlino, Gete, Novella, Paterno Sant'Arcangelo, Paterno Sant'Elia, Pietre, Polvica, Ponte, Pucara
  • Minori : Montecita, Torre
  • Ravello: Casa Bianca, Castiglione, Marmorata, Sambuco, Torello
  • Scala : Campidoglio, Minuta, Pontone
  • Atrani (The municipality has no civil parishes)
  • Amalfi : Lone, Pastena, Pogerola, Tovere, Vettica Minore
  • Conca dei Marini (The municipality has no civil parishes)
  • Furore : Fiordo di Furore, Marina di Praia
  • Praiano : Vettica Maggiore
  • Positano : Montepertuso, Nocelle