Almora Hill Station

Almora Hill Station Information

Location of Almora in Uttarakhand and India
Almora Hill Station Coordinates 29.62°N 79.67°E
Almora Hill Station Country India
Almora Hill Station State Uttarakhand
Almora Hill Station District(s) Almora
Almora Hill Station Population
30613 (2001[update])
155 /km2 (401 /sq mi)
Almora Hill Station Sex ratio 862 
Almora Hill Station Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Almora Hill Station Area Elevation 1,651 m (5,417 ft)
Almora Hill Station Climate
1. Summer
2. Winter
Alpine (BSh) and Humid subtropical(Bsh) (Köppen)
28 - -2 °C (84 °F)
28 - 12 °C (70 °F)
15 - -2 °C (61 °F)
Almora Hill Station Codes
Almora Hill Station Pincode 263601
Almora Hill Station Telephone +91-5962
Almora Hill Station Vehicle UA-01
Almora Hill Station Website

Almora Hill Station History

Almora, a hill station is in Kumaon Mountains of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand State in India. Almora was established in 1568. It is supposed that it has a leading history and has survived since Vedic Age. It is in hill towns in north India. It is extremely attractive for astonishing natural beauty.

Almora is a town commotion with movements and well-off enriching and history. Almora is regarded as a cultural heart of Kumaon district of Uttarakhand.

Almora History

Before its founding, the olden town of Almora was under tenure of Katyuri king Baichaldeo. He contributed the big part of this property to Guajarati Brahmin Sri Chand Tiwari. Afterward Chand kingdom was established in Baramandal, the town of Almora was established at centrally situated place in 1568 through Kalyan Chand. And in the time of Chand Kings it was named Rajapur. Rajapur is mentioned over innumerable prehistoric copper plates.

In 1960s Champawat district and Bageshwar district had not been created and were division of Almora district.

Quotes on Hill Station

"In these hills, Nature’s hospitality eclipses all that man can ever do. The enchanting beauty of the Himalayas, their bracing climate and the soothing green that envelops you, leave nothing more to be desired. I wonder whether the scenery of these hills and the climate are to be surpassed, if equaled, by any of the beauty spots of the world. After having been for nearly three weeks in the Almora hills, I am more than ever amazed why our people need to go to Europe in search of health."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Places to See in Almora Hill Stations

Chitai Temple

Chitai Temple has presiding divinity Lord Shiva, who is referred here by the name Lord Gollu. And local persons have devotion for this temple; people come here with hand-outs. And the record says that the temple was made through common belonging to Chand period.

Chitai Temple is characterized through great number of bells hanging in premises. And these bells are dangled through devotees as offerings completing a wish or thanks on completion of one’s desire. This is considered an important devout attraction on the tourist map. 

Govind Vallabh Pant Museum

Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum is located on the Mall Road in Almora. It showcases unique and rich collections of items of cultural, historic and archaeological significance.

Noteworthy and important collection comprises folk style of painting known as Kumauni and Aspen antiquities. Ethnically noteworthy Aspen is an issue of research and Govind Vallabh Pant Public museum gives opportunities to have a nearer view of diverse facets of Aspen painting.

Visiting hours for this temple are from 10:30 am till 4:30 p.m.

Katarmal Sun Temple

Katarmal close to Almora has second imperative Sun temple in the country. Katarmal temple is a memorial of historical significance, though at the moment the formation is in a decomposed state. Though amidst wreck, still it stands as a main point of appeal in region and several devotees visit here to proffer prayer to Sun God.

Bright End Corner

Sloppy, quiet and bright, Bright End Corner became prominent for exceptional sight of sunrise and sunset. Really it has a stunning view of dusk and dawn.

The unusual serene and quietness during this time is peculiarity of this hill station. People can have the benefit of the beauty true to its strength staying at calm and serene circuit houses very near to this point.
And the Vivekananda library relating to spiritual thinking and philosophy is near here.

Lal Bazaar

Lal Bazaar gives you with spacious selection of shopping facilities. As a passionate tourist, one should not overlook to taste the sweets which are rather famous.

Lal Bazaar is prominent for Rabbit wool cloths, warm, soft and fine which is made out of special wool of Rabbit. There are brass items, decorative items, woolen garments and other sorts of metal tools, which are moderately popular in the middle of visitors.


Jageshwar is a prominent Hindu religious spot. The Jageshwar temple is Siva temple has heritage of one of 12 Jyotirlingas.  The temple is considered as pious as rivers Nandini and Surabhi streams down and unites at this place.

The Jageshwar Shiva temple has a particular archaeological importance also as architecture of this temple is remarkably different and commands a closer look.

Almora Hill Station Climate

Almora has a cool and pleasant climate throughout the year with yearly average utmost warmth is about 23°C and normal minimum temperature is about 11.5°C.

Summers (April to July) are modest with utmost temperature under 30°C and are perfect for all tourism visits.

Monsoons (August to October) are connected with modest rains, it makes Almora attractive and beautiful with bright greeneries.

Winters (December to February) proffer chilly cool weather with temperature tender down to 4°C. December and January months are icy.

Best time to vacation Almora is throughout March to November.

March to June is inviting for sight seeing and outings.

July to November months is actually beautiful with alternating showers and those who prefer to be in rains are hailed.

Almora Hill Station Famous Places

  • Ranikhet
  • Kausani
  • Binsar
  • Bageshwer
  • Shitla Khet
  • Jalana
  • Baijnath
  • Dwarahat
  • Manila
  • Katarmal
  • Patal Bhubneshwer
  • Jageshwer

Temples at Almora Hill Station

  • Kal Bhairava
  • Batuk Bhairav
  • Shah Bhairav
  • Garhi Bhairava
  • Anand Bhairava
  • Gaur Bhairava
  • Bal Bhairava
  • Khutkuniya Bhairava
  • Patal Devi or Patreshwari Devi
  • Yakshini Devi
  • Rajrajeshwari Devi
  • Tripura
  • Nanda
  • Ulka Devi
  • Sitla Devi
  • Kot Kalika
  • Durga Ratneshwari

Almora Hill Station Location & Distance

Place Distance (in kms.)
Lucknow 466
Nainital 63
Delhi 380
Ranikhet 50
Haridwar 357
Kausani 52
Dehradun 412
Bageshwar 90
Bareilly . .205
Pithogarah 120
Saharanpur 462
Lohaghat 135
Moradabad 204
Tanakpur 217
Kathgodam 90
Jalana 32
Haldwani 96
Jageshwar 38
Gwaldam 90
Dwarahat 71
Almora Hill Station Location

Almora Hill Station Handicraft

Name Of Handicraft Place Of Manufacture Price Range (As On 1.6.1998)
Pasmina Shawls Munsyari, Dharchula 5,000-20,000
Woolen Products (Shawls, Chutka,Carpet, Thulma) Almora, Ranikhet, Bageshwer, Munsyari, Didihat, Dharchula 200-20,000
Ringal Products (Musta, Dalia) Nachani, Dharmghar 50- 5,000
Kumauni Folk Art Nainital 10- 5,000
Decorative Candles Nainital 5-10,000
Drift Wood (Ekabana and Statue etc) Nainital, Tanakpur, Bageshwer 25- 5,000
Copperware Almora Town, Uder Khani,Chaugaonchina. 5-10,000

Almora Hill Station Peaks

Name of The Peak Height (in fts) Height (in mts) Heightwise Absolute Number in the World
Nanda Devi 25645 7820 31
Kamet 25447 7758 40
Nanda Devi East 24370 7430 81
Chaukhamba 23420 7140 161
Trishul 23360 7120 171
Trishuli North West 23080 7036 200
Panch Chuli 22650 6905 234
Nanda Kot 22510 6860 246
Mrigthuni 22490 6856 249
Trishul East 22360 6817 263
Maiktoli 22320 6804 266
Trishuli 21949 6691 308
Deo Damla 21770 6637 318
Nanda Khat 21690 6612 326
NilKhantha 21640 6597 333
Peak N.E of Panchchuli 21217 6468 378
Panchchuli V 21120 6439 391
Panchchuli IV 20780 6335 429
Panchchuli III 20710 6314 435
Nandaghunti (Nandakna) 20700 6310 437
Trishul III 20243 6171 497

Almora Hill Station Hotels & Lodging

Non Government Accomodation
S.No Name of Hotel/Residential Unit Telephone Number
1. Hotel Shikhar 91-5962-230253, 230156
2. Hotel Surmool 91-5962-230460
3. Holiday Home 91-5962-230250
4. Hotel Himsagar 91-5962-230711,232256
5. Hotel Ranjana 91-5962-230301
6. Hotel Aparna 91-5962-230192
7. Hotel Himtower 91-5962-230647
8. Mountain Resort Papersaili 91-5962-233650
9. Hotel Jai Vijay 91-5962-231052
10. Hotel Shyam 91-5962-232790,233043
11. Khem's Guest House Papersaili -
12. Hotel Savoy 91-5962-230329
13. Hotel Trishul 91-5962-230243
14. Hotel Pawan 91-5962-230252
15. Hotel Vikas 91-5962-231455
16. Hotel Konark 91-5962-231217
17. Hotel Devdar Holiday Inn -
18. Binsar Valley Resort 91-5962-253028
19. Mountain Resort 91-5962-251011,251198
20. Kalmatiya Sangam Resort 91-5962-231572,233625
21. Hotel Ambassador 91-5962-230118
22. Hotel Ashok 91-5962-231073
23. Hotel Himalaya -
24. Hotel Milan -
25. Hotel Alka -
26. Hotel Kailash 91-5962-230624
27. Hotel Tourist -
28. Snow View Resort Almora 91-5962-233650,233651
29. Hotel Royal -
30. Hotel Himplaza  91-5962-230632
31. Sariyapani Guest House -
32. Y.M.C.A. Pokherthal 91-5962-251151
33. Tourist Bungalow Binsar 91-5962-251110
34. Tourist Bungalow Jageshwar 91-5962-263028
35. Tourist Bungalow Shitlakhet 91-5962-244005
Non Government Accomodation at the township of Ranikhet
S.No Name of Hotel/Residential Unit Telephone Number
1. Hotel Meghdoot 91-5966-220475,220568
2. Hotel Tribhuwan 91-5966-225024,220655
3. Cost Plus Resort 91-5966-228369
4. Tourist Rest House Monal 91-5966-221527
5. Hotel Alka 91-5966-220269
6. Tourist Rest House, Ranikhet 91-5966-220893
7. Hotel Everest 91-5966-220402
8. Hotel Parvati Inn 91-5966-220325
9. Hotel Moon 91-5966-220258
10. Hotel Tourist 91-5966-220223
11. Hotel Rajdeep 91-5966-220017
12. Raj Guest House 91-5966-220447
13. Hotel Norton 91-5966-220377
14. Hotel Chevron Rose Mount 91-5966-220989
15. Hotel West View -
16. Home Farm Heritage -
17. Hotel Royal Mountain -
18. Himadri Rest House 91-5966-220588
19. Shivmandir Dharamshala 91-5966-220034


Non Government Accomodation at the township of Kausani
S.No Name of Hotel/Residential Unit Telephone Number
1. Hotel Shakti -
2. Hotel Neelkanth -
3. Hotel Sagar 91-5962-258018
4. Hotel Himalaya 91-5962-258037
5. Hotel Uttrakhand 91-5962-258012
6. Hotel Jeetu 91-5962-258015
7. Hotel Pine 91-5962-258047
8. Hotel New Pine 91-5962-258051
9. Hotel Krishna Mount View 91-5962-258008
10. Hotel Prashant 91-5962-258037
11. Tourist Bungalow 91-5962-258006
12. Hotel Sun and Snow Inn 91-5962-258010
13. Amar Holiday Home -
14. Hotel Dak Bangla -
15. Hotel Suman Palace -
16. Himalaya Mount View 91-5962-258080
17. Hotel Shivam -