Albania Maps

Republic of Albania is a country in Southeast Europe in Balkans region. Bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Republic of Macedonia to the east, Kosovo to the northeast and Greece to the south and southeast, Albania is a member to the UN, NATO, and WTO. Albania is surrounded by Adriatic Sea to the west and Ionian Sea to the southwest.
The Albanian capital, Tirana houses approximately 600,000 of the country’s 3,000,000 people. Albania covers a land area of 28,748 square kilometers and lies between the latitudes 39’ and 43’ north and longitudes 19’ and 21’ east. Besides Tirana, Durres, Korce, Elbasan, Shkoder, Gjirokaster, Vlore and Kukes are the principal cities of Albania.

Albania Highest peak

The highest mountain peak of Albania is Korab located in the district of Diber. The peak stands tall at 2,753 meters.

Albania Climate

Albania is subjected to varying temperatures in climate with its coastline facing the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The coastal lowlands in Albania experience Mediterranean weather and the highlands have a Mediterranean continental climate with the lowlands and the interiors experiencing varied temperatures from north and south.

Rainfall in Albania is heavy due to the coming together of airflow from the Mediterranean Sea and the continental air mass. The Albania experiences rainfall from 1,000 millimeters to 1,500 millimeters. Rainfall in the Albania upland mountain is heavier, however no adequate records are available, but the annual average rainfall is estimated to be around 1,800 millimeters to 2,550 millimeters.

Albania Flora

Recognized for rich biological diversity, Albania favors 27 endemic and 160 subendemic vascular plants.  Over 3250 species of plants can be found in Albania, which is 30% of the entire flora found in Europe. Many of the plants grown in Albania are used for medicinal purposes. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, Albania can be subdivided into three categories: the IIIyrian deciduous forests, Pindus Mountains mixed forests and Dinaric Alpine mixed forests.

Albania Fauna

The forests of Albania are home to mammals including wolves, wild boars, chamois and bears, while Lynx, wildcats, pine martens and polecats can also be seen rarely.

albania map
Map of Albania