The Dos and Don'ts in Alaska

The Dos and Don’ts in Alaska:

Alaska is vast and full of wilderness with lots to see, do and enjoy. Normally people travel to Alaska by boarding a cruise from Seattle, USA or Vancouver, British Colombia. There are also direct flights to Alaska.

When visiting Alaska the prime target should be to find an affordable and reliable cruise. There are many cruises which offer discounted prices due to economic crisis and visitors should be able to grab a good deal out of this.

The Do’s:

  1. Do look for a package that is all inclusive and be aware about things which are not included.
  2. Do choose a conveninient departure location from home.
  3. Do plan the trip well in advance.
  4. Do know which is the best time to visit
  5.  Do carry enough money to meet the expenses which are not included in the package
  6. Do carry some regular medicines for common ailments
  7.  Do carry appropriate clothes according to the weather
  8.  Do read the fine print before booking shore excursions.
  9. Do  Carry mosquito repellent and rain gear
  10.  Do Dress in layers as the weather may be windy
  11.  Do carry binoculars.
  12. If travelling by car, do carry the survival kit
  13. While walking in the wilderness, do make plenty of noise to ward off bears.

The Don’ts:

  • The cruise booking should not be done at the last moment.
  • Do not board the cruise without knowing the full course of the trip and the activities that are available during the vacation
  • Avoid the buffet in the cruise and try to eat in the dining room instead.
  • Do not use the telephone inside the cabin too much as it is quite expensive.
  • Don’t try to explore yourself and take help from expert guides to see the hidden wonders of Alaska.
  • Do not feed any wild animals at sanctuaries.

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