Alaska Adventure Travel

Alaska Adventure Travel will be a spectacular and enriching experience for a tourist who loves connecting with nature and adventure simultaneously. Planning an Alaska travel for an Alaskan vacation including an Alaska Adventure Travel a tourist can experience the wild land and wilderness of Alaska. It has natural wonders and scenic beauty ranging from seacoast glaciers to salmon filled streams.

Also, one can view the snow-capped mountains; brown and grizzly bears ambling along the hills and plains, and a variety of species of birds like soaring eagles etc

Planning The Visit

A tourist can choose from a wide range of Alaska Tours and Alaska Adventure Travel packages depending upon one's life style, vacation travel dates, budget and what they are looking for whether staying at the Riverside Lodges and enjoying the beauty of the wilderness or fishing or going on cruises or visit other parts of Alaska including Inside Passage, Kodiak Island and Arctic Region. Further, Alaska Adventure Travel and adventure sports like Denali hiking, Kenai River Rafting, Sea kayaking or Alaskan Salmon Fishing can be planned from a few days to a few weeks. Also, you can plan for winter vacation packages, which gives a thrilling experience during this season as the temperature is just 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 6-13hrs of daylight.

Places to Visit

Northern Alaska Tour gives a unique experience to the tourist. You wouldn't want to miss a land tour to the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks by driving on your own the off road ATV and jeeps and enjoying the beauty of the nature.

Also, not to miss are the Arctic National Park and Preserve where you find a variety of wild life.

In the Interior of Alaska Travel one should visit the continent's largest peak Mt.McKinley and pass through the wide expanses of tundra regions. While passing the forests we should not miss the stately herds of caribou and the state bird the willow Ptarmigan.

Also watch out, for Denali National Park, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kenai Fjords National Park, the Chugach National Forest, the Inside Passage and the Arctic Region. One can plan a trip, from Denali in the north to Seward to the south. Whether you arrive on an Alaskan cruise in Seward, or by air or car, from the tundra in Denali to the seacoast to the glaciers and rivers, the Kenai and Denali have it all, just waiting for us to enjoy on our Alaskan Adventure Travel.

Sports and Adventure

South central Alaska Travel is a hub for a variety of Alaska Adventure Travel and sporting activities like World-class fishing, Glacier Hiking, to Mountain Climbing, Bicycle Tours, Camping and Safaris, Horse back riding, Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting etc.

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