Alabama Tourism

Best Alabama Tourism Places

Alabama is a place well versed with history, entertainment, music and other cultural activities. As a result of this expansive environment, there are numerous places that one can visit when in town. A guide on Alabama’s tourism places provides you with all the essential ‘must-visit’ zones around the state. Here is the showdown:

  • Team Fishing Adventures: An ideal tour includes 1-3 people; however the group can be extended to include 6 people. Charges for a three member group amounts to $475 with an additional $50 for the extra member. Though A Team Fishing Adventures recommends catch and release of the fish caught, you can take home your catch if you have a small ice cooler with you. The team uses Berkley and Fenwick rods and Berkley lines. The boats are powerful and are captained by experienced riders. Take the children out for a lazy afternoon and have a relaxing time with your family!
  • Bankhead National Forest: Located at 1070 Highway 33 N, Double Springs, this recreational area has everything one needs for a family day out! From hiking trails to fishing and camping, one can spend a day out in the forest or a few luxurious ones out at the camp area. It is open from April 1 to October 31, so if you have a lazy few days planned with your family, this is the place to be!
  • Daphne’s Bayfront Park: For those who can’t get over fishing, Daphne’s Bayfront Park provides a good option to indulge in. On Mobile Bay at 6200 Bayfront Park, this pier has a beach setting and a boardwalk with gazebo’s dotting the scene. A couple can enjoy beautiful sunsets here and spice up their lives with new found romance.
  • Gulf Beaches: Located at 3150 Gulf Shores Parkway, this 32 mile long gulf water coastline is bound to take your breath away. You can relax along the white sand beaches or play golf to exercise those lax muscles. Fishing is also an option here for those fish fanatics and accommodation is open all year for you to schedule your trips as per your convenience.
  • Lake Martin: A perfect place for a newlywed couple to fire up their romance! With pretty, breath taking scenic environments, this 44,000 acre lake is bound to amaze you. One has the option to go swimming, fishing, golfing, camping and boating here which is why it is almost always a ‘must-stop’ spot for tourists.
  • Point ‘A’ Lake and Park: Why stay elsewhere when you can stay at Point ‘A’. This place has everything you need and more! It’s a 700 acre lake and recreational park where one can go swimming, skiing, picnicking and camping. One can even take an RV on rent and explore the surroundings while planning an extensive itinerary covering all of Alabama.
  • Alabama Constitution Village: Missing Old Alabama? You can visit the Village and experience the old life because there are more than 8 building of the 1800’s that have been reconstructed to depict the lifestyle of early settlers.
  • Admiral Raphael Semmes House: Built to commemorate Semmes, this house is a reminder of the works of the Admiral. He resigned from the Navy and was later made in-charge of the C.S.S Alabama. This vessel travelled over 75,000 miles and captured vessels worth more than $6 million.
  • Alabama Veterans Memorial Park: This is located at the I459 at the Liberty Park Exit and is an area dedicated to the veterans who were killed in wars. The park specifically commemorates those who died fighting wars beginning in the 20th century while also remembering those who were killed in the 21st century.
  • Alabama Wildlife Federation / Alabama Nature Center: You can find this center at 3050 Lanark Road. This place spans over 350 acres and is full of scenic beauties which can be reached after a five mile hike.

Though this may not be a comprehensive list of all the tourism places you can visit in Alabama, it will surely be enough to take up a four-five day slot in your itinerary!