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  • China Southern Airlines
    China Southern Airlines Company Limited is an airline headquartered in Baiyun District.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Scandinavian Airlines System
    Scandinavian Airlines or SAS, previously Scandinavian Airlines System, is the flag carrier of Denmark.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Ryanair Airlines
    Ryanair Ltd. is an Irish low-cost airline and its headquarters is located in Swords.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Qantas Airlines
    Qantas is the flag carrier airline of Australia. The name was originally "QANTAS", an acronym for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services".... Read More Image: flyfirst
  • Lufthansa Airlines
    Deutsche Lufthansa AG, commonly known as Lufthansa, is the flag carrier of Germany and also the largest airline in Europe.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Korean Air
    Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd., operating as Korean Air, is the flag carrier airline of South Korea and the largest airline in South Korea.... Read More Image: wikimedia
  • Mexicana Airlines
    Founded in 1921, Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. de C.V. was Mexico's oldest airline and one of the oldest continuously single-branded airlines.... Read More Image: blogspot
  • Aeromexico Airlines
    The airline industry in Mexico began in 1921 with Compania Mexicana de Transportacion Aerea in Mexico City.... Read More Image: alejandrosomuano
  • American West Airlines
    America West Airlines was a U.S. airline headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Their main hub was at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • All Nippon Airways
    All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., also known as Zennikku or ANA, is a Japanese airline.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
    Saudi Arabian Airlines operating as Saudia is the flag carrier airline of Saudi Arabia, based in Jeddah.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Thai Airways International
    Thai Airways is the flag carrier airline of Thailand and formed in 1988.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • EasyJet Airlines
    EasyJet is a British airline carrier based at London Luton Airport.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Qatar Airlines
    Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C., operating as Qatar Airways, is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar.... Read More Image: wikipedia
  • Indian Airlines
    Indian Airlines was a major Indian airline based in Delhi.... Read More Image: wikipedia

There are many domestic and international airlines in the world. Every country has its own domestic and international airlines. Every day and every hour there are planes that fly to different destinations in the world from different airlines.

Some of the most popular international airlines are American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Continental Airlines, Unites Airlines, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines and Asiana Airlines. All these airlines have a huge capacity to accommodate hundreds of passengers and provide one of the best services onboard. Some of the best cuisines are also served in these airlines and the airhostesses are well trained to make sure every passenger is taken good care and feels comfortable.

Airlines have their own logos and uniforms so as to distinguish between different airlines of the country.  For example the American Airlines has two A alphabets in red and dark blue with two strips over lapping each other in between the alphabets, Cathay Pacific has a logo with a dark green box where the fonts are written in white and above it is a white rectangular outline with a white logo inside it.

With the growing aviation industry, people have more choices to choose from the different airlines. Customers make their choice on the basis of different airline fares and facilities that are provided. Therefore, I order to serve customers better, many airlines are providing with special travel offers so as to give the best service as well as keep up with their image.  

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