Air Travel

The famous battle of Waterloo perhaps could have been won by Napoleon, if aircraft was invented back then in the eighteen hundreds! Traditionally the concept of flying had been mysterious and controversial since the beginning of the civilization. Often it was related with witchcraft and Black magic. Dramatically the picture was altered in the later years when the urge of flying had been sensed and unsuccessfully attempted by several scientists. The concept of flying was first introduced to the world by the Wright brothers. A flying machine, that enabled the dream of flying come true, was invented in the year 1903 by the American siblings. Since then flying created a brand new conception in the western industries, their economy, travel as well as the wars!

Typically by the concept of air travelling we understand the journey or travel made, with and using an aircraft. This had turned into an industry eventually with the development of the flying concept. Simultaneously airports had been and ever since closely associated with the travelling business all over the globe. It is evident that an airport is found in every nations of the world, which is vital just as their existence. Airports consist of runways and hangers for the airplanes and in general are owned by the government of the country. However, for private aircrafts and helicopters, it is not vital that the landing or takeoff has to be done in the national airport of a country. Generally, all airports across the globe offer sitting arrangements, food courts, souvenir shops, lounge and other facilities. The National Airport of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur is believed to be the best airports among all.

The two major categories of air travel are known to be as International and domestic. International air travel includes the entry and exit of aircrafts across the borders of the country, while domestic airlines carry its passengers within the boundary. Similarly the luxuries and comfort differs characteristically as the air travel categories. International aircrafts are on average divided into four segments. The business class and the first class are among the finest and luxurious of all, serving its passengers with the best for the price that is paid for the travel. The pricing is quite high and differs significantly from the other two classes available, the economy and the premiere economy class. These two classes of aircraft classifications are relatively less expensive and concurrently offer less facilities and comfort.

With change in time, air travel has brought significant transformations into the lives of the human being. Long distance travel in the ancient times was only restricted within railways and water borne vessels. Travelling was incessant and eternal till the entry of the air travel was introduced into the scenario. In the modern times, travel has become much easier with the bliss of air travel. No longer people have to depend on the railways for journeys within the boundary or the ships for overseas trips. Air travel has not only contributed into the economy of the nations across the globe but to also to the betterment as well. Now a day’s the majority of the hospitals offer the facilities of air ambulance for the ailing patients, escalating the efficiency of hospitality services with the addition of air ambulance. The most drastic changes have been brought to the development of International business with the introduction of air travel. The availability of air travel has made business in the global platform much more flexible and prospective. It is virtually feasible for an entrepreneur to fly from Moscow to Madrid in a few hours with the bliss of air travel!

With the rise of the implications of air travel into the daily lives of people, changes in the scenario are seen with time. A number of both private and government airline companies have been seen to build up, eventually assembling a market. Today, some of the most successful airlines are seen to excel the air travel business. Some of most renowned airlines, which have been and recently preferred by the majority of the consumers includes the names such as, The Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines.