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Air Scotland Information

Air Scotland IATA
Air Scotland ICAO
Air Scotland Callsign
Founded November 2002
Hubs Glasgow International Airport
Focus cities Manchester International Airport
Fleet size 1 (at closure)
Destinations 15
Headquarters Glasgow, Scotland
Key people Dhia Al-Ani (founder)

Air Scotland History

Air Scotland had its base in Glasgow, and its focus airport was Manchester International Airport, with about 15 destinations covered through the world. It was cheap and low-budget, and had scheduled flights to Athens and the Mediterranean countries under the operating system of Greece Airlines. Started off in 2002 November by Dhia Al-Ani, Air Scotland was initially a part of Electra Airlines, for holiday resorts from Spain, working with them till April 2003 when Electra was grounded by the authorities in Britain because they were running high debts with the operators of the airport. It decided to continue its work with Air Holland, under the contract of resuming the flights previously scheduled with Electra. Air Scotland was one of the private airplane services that provided service to Spanish resorts, by carrying passengers to and fro. This was one of the reasons for it to be commenced. When Air Holland went out of service, then it began to operate under the certificate of Greece Airways which was a part of Electra as well, and was owned by Dhia Al-Ani as well. Air Scotland lost the operating license and AOC in 2006, because the Greek Civil Aviation Authority suspended them.

Air Scotland History

Air Scotland had 2 Boeing 757 aircrafts in the beginning. Their destinations through their short flying career were a few chosen airports in Greece, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These were Athens International Airport in Athens, Alicante Airport, Barcelona Airport, Gerona Airport, Malaga International Airport and Palma de Mallorca Airport in Spain, Birmingham International Airport, Bristol International Airport, Don caster Airport, Manchester International Airport, Norwich International Airport and Newcastle Airport in United Kingdom, Belfast International Airport in Ireland, Glasgow International Airport in Scotland and Cardiff International Airport in Wales. There were problems, however, and during its tenure in Greece Airways, it only had one Boeing aircraft which was operated from. The problem was that, there were severe monetary problems with the company, and when the founder, Dhia Al-Ani sold off his shares of the Spanish resort, H Top Hotel Groups, Barcelona then the decline truly began.

The administration was having severe problems, and difficulties increased when there were trouble changing the ownership and passing it over to another. There were not too many contenders willing to take on the troubles of running the airlines, and there were bills that were not paid. The only aircraft in Palma was stranded because there were several unpaid bills for fuel, and passengers were left seated in the airport for more than seventeen hours. The confusion was furthered when the chartered rescue aircraft from Fischer Air Polska refused to comply with the flight because they doubted the payments made by the company. This allegation was however untrue, and the confusion was later cleared up and the passengers finally sent their way.

Air Scotland is currently not operating in any capacity. Their short-term career of flying was not exactly a bright success, but as an airline, they were compact and competent, operating in a small scale but with efficiency.

Air Scotland Destinations

  • Air Scotland Destinations in Greece
    • Athens - Athens International Airport
  • Air Scotland Destinations in Spain
    • Alicante - Alicante Airport
    • Barcelona - Barcelona Airport
    • Girona - Girona Airport)
    • Malaga - Malaga International Airport
    • Palma de Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca Airport
  • Air Scotland Destinations in United Kingdom
    • England
      • Birmingham - Birmingham International Airport
      • Bristol - Bristol International Airport
      • Doncaster - Doncaster Airport
      • Manchester - Manchester International Airport Focus City
      • Newcastle - Newcastle Airport
      • Norwich - Norwich International Airport
    • Northern Ireland
      • Belfast - Belfast International Airport
    • Scotland
      • Glasgow - Glasgow International Airport Base
    • Wales
      • Cardiff - Cardiff International Airport

Air Scotland Fleets

Aircraft Total Routes Notes
Airbus A320-211 1 Short-medium haul
Owned by Greece Airways Stored
Boeing 757-236 5 Short-medium haul
Two were leased from Electra Airways

Air Scotland Phone Number

Country: United Kingdom

Phone number: +44 (0) 141 222 23 63
Fax number: +44 (0) 141 222 23 62