Adventure Travel

Many of us love to take travel as a recreation; few think it as a simple business-deal but lot of us enjoys it as an adventure. To pursue the dream of adventure, many globetrotters take a rucksack on their back and make few arrangements, and just step out of the house.

Adventure trip can be of several types. But before this categorization, we need to know few arrangements made by adventure-lovers


  • First aid box
  • : Anything can happen anytime and any place. So be handy with all the required medicines in your first-aid box like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bandage, cotton, anti-analgesic etc.
  • Comfort shoes
  • : Your feet are your friend for travel, so comfortable shoes are thoroughly advisable.
  • Flexi clothes
  • : Clothes should always be as per the place and season requirement.
  • Snacks-kits
  • : Anytime-food can be required, because you never know adventure can lead you to anyplace.
  • Tent
  • : At least a shelter to sleep and eating-food is recommended

    Now to name a few of adventure travel or also known as adventure sports:


    Adventure in Jungle
  • Wildlife-Safari
  • :Meeting Tiger, Lion, Elephant, and other dangerous animals personally can be nerve-wrecking fun to wildlife-lover.
  • Bird sanctuary
  • : Seeing beautiful migratory birds inside the forest or at the bank of the dark forest-river can be value for money to many travel freaks.


    Adventure with water
  • River rafting
  • : Playing madly with splashing water while rafting into the rocky-rivers can be dreadful to many.
  • Scuba diving
  • : Taking deep plunge inside the water, and seeing the sea weeds and colorful fishes are another pleasure of adventure sport.
  • Snorkeling
  • : Water-lover can make another attempt for underwater breathing practice by snorkeling. It also leaves the impact of never forgetting and engrossing experience of meeting with various seaweeds, shrimp, sea turtles etc. to the mind of the expert diver equipped with special diving mask known as snorkel.
  • Water Skiing
  • : Gliding on water with the risk of slipping down, can be measured as a mode of adventure to many water-freaks.


    Adventurous Rock or Mountain
  • Rock Climbing and Trekking
  • : Previously arranged with trekking shoes, one can take the thrill of climbing rock with the help of a single rope or simply trekking through the rocky- terrains.
  • Mountain Biking and Cycling
  • : Mountain biking can rather be more exciting, if someone wants to get the pleasure of real biking. One can get the equal pleasure from cycling experience over the same mountain.
  • Snow Skiing
  • : Wearing breathable and waterproof jackets make snow skiers protected from chilly atmosphere of snowy-mountain.
  • Paragliding
  • : Jumping from the edges of the mountain with the life-saving parachute and floating on an air can only be the matter of stress-buster who really enjoys flying high like a bird.

    Like the above, there is lot more adventure sports present on this earth to make your travel adventurous and memorable. Now it is up to you to choose according to your interest and reach.