Abercrombie & Kent Cruises

Abercrombie & Kent Cruises

Abercrombie & Kent Cruise Lines

Abercrombie and Kent have started their travel agency with a goal of providing luxury service to its customers. Their definition to luxury is completely different to the dictionary meaning. They believe in relating the experience of the travel to the destination you are going to. They provide a very unique experience which will be remembered for a long time. Abercrombie and Kent have been in the travel business for more than 50 years now and these 50 years have only made them better their services.

Abercrombie and Kent Cruises

Cruising is a lifetime experience which everyone should have. They provide the top most service on sea when you are traveling. Their ratio of passenger to crew is very less which enables you to have attentive service which will help you get your privacy on the go. They have some of the best vessels on sea in which you can travel. Abercrombie and Kent cruises have stretched their services to all corners of the globe providing you to visit some of the remote areas which are filled with natural beauty.

Abercrombie and Kent have taken all the efforts to help their clients reach various destinations with the best services on deck. They have conquered most of the marine. They have services to the Nile River, the Amazon, the Antarctica, Australia and Galapagos. The following are the journeys which are offered by the cruises.

Galapagos Journey I

It is one of the most personalized cruises which you can experience in a life time. Its special privatized service which it provides to only 16 passengers at a time will make you feel like you are on your own cruise. It is provided with 2 luxury suites, 6 double cabins which are air conditioned and all the rooms are exquisitely furnished. Galapagos is one of the world’s best natural beauty which you can enjoy up-close from your own cabin.


Integrity is another 16 passenger cruise which takes you along the exotic Galapagos passages which will make you experience the beauty of the nature. The beauty of the yacht is, every cabin gives you an amazing view of the greenery around you. You can feel the peace that nature has on offer sitting in your cabin.

Le Boreal

Antarctica is considered the best region for those who would like to go on an adventurous trip. Le Boreal has exactly that to offer you. The expedition ship which has a balcony dedicated to every cabin is the best choice you can make when going to Antarctica. The ice landscape which is barely touched by any civilization gives you a heart quenching experience and Le Boreal will just make that better for you. 

Galaxy I

This is a 26 meter long yacht which is a super luxury yacht which will make your life happy and fill it with glee. It takes you around the tropical north which has the best reefs that help you complete your imagination of a perfect holiday. It accommodate 12 guests who like to voyage to the Great Barrier Reefs. It is also equipped with all kinds of sports equipment which will help you to participate in any water sports.

True North

True North takes you around the Western Australian waters which will be an amazing experience to you. This yacht can be boarded with your loved ones and you can be assured of privacy from all the quarters. The multipurpose ship is built to help you experience the shallow waters and the wilderness of the river passages running deep into the land terrain. The seducing beaches and bays will definitely excite you to run around and be a part of the natural beauty.

Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer

Not many go on a voyage in China. But the Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer will make you travel around the most extraordinary waterways of the earth. The vessel which is built for 5 star purposes is basically used for traveling the water bodies and the rivers in the region.  There are some amazing on board facilities which are a spa, fitness center, a movie theater and a library. This will complete your concept of journey.

Abercrombie and Kent also offer you cruises which are going to take you through the canal and rivers of the beautiful terrain around the world.

Abercrombie and Kent Cruises Destinations

  • Africa
    • East Africa
    • Tanzania
      1. Mt. Kilimanjaro
    • Southern Africa
      1. Botswana
      2. South Africa
      3. Zambia
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
    • China
    • Japan
  • Southeast Asia
    1. Cambodia
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Egypt & Middle East
    • A&K & The Nile
    • Jordan & Petra
    • Morocco
  • Europe
    • Britain, Ireland & France
    • Spain, Portugal & Italy
    • Greece & Turkey
    • Central & Eastern Europe
    • Russia, Scandinavia & the Baltic States
  • India
  • Latin America
    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Costa Rica
    • Galápagos & Ecuador
    • Machu Picchu & Peru
    • Mexico
  • North America
    • Alaska