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KIA World Extreme Games

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The X Games is Extreme Sports that is being played for the sixth year in Shanghai, China. The inaugural game was played in the year 1998 in Phuket, Thailand. Since 2007, it is being played in China.


The KIA X Games is the biggest gathering for International Extreme Sports in the world. More than three hundred athletes from 30 countries take part in the action sports competition that is held in Asia. KIA Motors is the title sponsor for the Games from the last eight years. Extreme Sports enthusiasts from all over the World gather to watch the action packed events. In 2014, the games saw a staggering audience of more than 71,600 spectators from all over the world. The KIA X Games is televised across the world with the number of competition events increasing every year.

The KIA X Games are played over a period of four days with mainly five categories and eleven disciplines in all. The categories are as follows:

Aggressive Inline Skating: It is the fifth largest participatory sport and its history dates back to nearly 300 years. Though the sport has been withdrawn from the X Games in USA, it is still being played in X Games Asia. There are two disciplines in this category: the street, and the vert.

Skateboarding: Skateboarding came into prominence during the late 1950's and the early 1960's which was fuelled by the American Surfing music and Hollywood movies. The Roller Derby is known to be the first commercial skateboard which was first seen in 1959. There are mainly three disciplines in this category: the street, the vert, and the mini mega ramp.

BMX Freestyle : BMX Freestyle racing started in the early 1980s from the BMX bicycle motocross. There are three disciplines in this category: the street, the vert, and the mini mega ramp.

Sport Climbing : It is a kind of mountain climbing which was first developed by the French in which the placing gear for each climb was replaced by permanent bolts or fixtures. Climbing became safer and the climber could now only focus on the technical difficulties of the route. There is only one discipline in this category: speed climbing (Male and Female).

Moto X : Moto X or Motocross racing was first introduced in Europe and today it has become a global phenomenon. The sport grew is popular in the 1980's and became mainstream in the 1990's.The sport was added to the X Games in the year 1999.There is mainly one discipline in this category: The Step-Up.


There are mainly two venues:

  • The Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower for the Vert Finals.
  • KIC Jingwan Sports for other competitions.

2015 Information

Venue KIC Jiangwan Sports Centre, Shanghai, China
Event Dates April 28 - May 1, 2016
Prize Money (Purse) USD $250,000
Also Know as KIA X Games Asia, KIA World Extreme Games

X Games Asia 2016 Confirmed Athletes

Skateboard Athletes

Lizzie Armanto Evan Smith Pratthana Raksachart Bjorn Pontus
Alanas Smith Cyril Jackson Mitchie Brusco Brown Jake
Andy Macdonald Jagger Eaton Pierre Luc Gangon Chris Cole
Trey Wood Jimmy Wilkins Jono Schwan Jack Curtin
NEal Hendrix Mariia Krasavina Tom Asta  
Lincoln Ueda Clay Kriener Marcelo Basto  
Filipe Gustavo Danny Mayer Sam Beckett  

BMX Athletes

Vince Byron Bruno Hoffman Brock Olive Morgan Wade
Dennis McCoy Jorge Jovel Douglas Oliveria Zack Warden
Simon Tabron Alex Kennedy Rungrueang Phames Liam Zingbergs
Mykel Larrin Steve Mccann Sean Ricany Coco Zurita
Stevie Churchill Anthony Napolitan Colten Satterfield  
Alex Donnachie Zach Newman Jeremiah Smith  

Speed Climbing

Zhang Niing Amir Maimuratov Nie Di Tamara Kuznesova
Ma Zida Rishat Khaibillin Jiang Rong Edyta Ropek
Zhang Qixin Roman Kovalyev Liu Yidi Yuliya Levochkina
Qu Haibin Mohd Redha Rozlan Wang Xiran Anna Tsyganova
Zhong Lincai Zamri Hamid He Cuilian Alina Gaidamakina
Niu Di Stanislav Kokorin Tita Supita Mariia Krasavina
Abu Dzar Yulianto Vladislav Deulin Mudji Mulyani Puntarika Tunyavanich
Rinidi Sufriyanto Sergei Sinitcyn Dhorifatus Syafiyah Pratthana Raksachat
Fajri Ashari Thatthana Raksachat Assel Marlenova Lee Hungying
Aspan Jaelolo Bunprakop Phanuphong Araylim Bekenova  

Moto Cross

  • Joel Brown
  • Luke McNeil
  • Pat Bowen
  • Pete Anderson
  • Tom Robinson

Oriental Pearl Jam Demo

Eito Yasutoko Andy Macdonald Dennis McCoy Fox Brunner
Takeshi Yautoko Trey Wood Simon Tabron  
Lizzie Armanto Neal Hendrix Mat Hoffman  
Alana Smith Lincoln Ueda Pierre Luc Gagnon  

2016 Sport Disciplines

announced soon

2016 Tickets Price

Category Early Bird Onsite
Regular RMB 150 per day RMB 200
Grand Stand RMB 580 per day -

2015 Sponsors


  • SMG
  • WSG
  • SSF

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  • KIA


  • DC
  • KERRY Hotel


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