Women Volleyball

Volleyball has been a popular sport since the late 19th century. Volleyball was originally designed for the middle-aged category of people for the purpose of enjoying a less exhausting game. However, today volleyball has taken a new shape in the world of sports. Volleyball has made its place in the NCAA and straight into the Olympics. The first ever women NCAA championship was played during 1981 where the winning team was the Southern Cal. Indoor Women Volleyball was first played in 1964 at the Olympics and the winning country to claim the gold medal was Japan. The Volleyball sports itself is speedy, powerful and very enjoyable to play. Nevertheless, Volleyball is unbelievable to think that this sports was introduced initially for the older people in order to get pleasure from a slow paced ball game!

International Women's Volleyball

A number of women's volleyball team are seen to represent their countries at the Olympics. Today, a number of countries, such as Russia, China, Japan, and Cuba are seen to play and place mark in the women's indoor volleyball at an International level. The first ever women’s volleyball world championship tournament was held at the former USSR in 1952, where the hosting team was the champion for that year. Lately a number of other countries have been seen to take interest in the women’s volleyball championships . Countries like Brazil, USA and Italy have been seen to take part and excel in the world championship tournaments. Volleyball is practised widely across the globe and has numerous teams and leagues at school, colleges and university levels. Some of the East Asian countries like Korea, Japan and China and other countries around the globe such as USA and Cuba have world-class women's pro volleyball teams.

Women's Volleyball in the US

Volleyball is a popular sports among the women's population in the United States. The women's volleyball sports is widely practised in the numerous clubs, schools and centres across the country. The United States Volleyball Association (USVBA) is the core governing body of the sport in the country and is responsible for the selection of the women volleyball players of the National Team from the 40 regional volleyball teams of different regions formed in the country. Publications like Volleyball USA has given the sport further acceptance among the general public and is published four times in a year.

The US women volleyball has indeed created some outstanding teams and players. The women's volleyball Teams representing the country at the international level have significantly been admired for wonderful game play and world class playing quality. The glorifying 100-year history of the American Women volleyball produced astounding volleyball players such as Gabrielle Reece. More recently the American women’s college volleyball has made outstanding performances in the NCAA. Some of the world-class universities are also active in physical activities and in providing sufficient grounds for the excellence in certain sports in the United States. Stanford Women’s volleyball has been the NCAA champion for an incredible number of six times. The team has achieved success in the national volleyball scenario of the country and has created some amazing players like Cynthis Barboza at the National level.

Women's Volleyball Accessories from the Internet

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