WNBA Salaries 2017

Salaries of WNBA players are very less compared with the NBA players. Though the players of NBA teams are not participating in the leagues, they earn better than the player of WNBA team who has been participating in the leagues. Average salaries of the WNBA players will be varying from season to season but there will be very little variation.

According to the records, in the year 2010 salary for the entire team of WNBA was $827,000. If a player had experience of three to fours years, then they were able to earn around $51,000 on an average in this season. While the salary for the rookies in WNBA team were around $35,190.

Bonuses in WNBA team

Bonuses were announced for the WNBA team members if they have achieved certain achievements. The amount for the achievement will be paid for each player. Bonuses for some of the achievements are as following:

  • Bonus for achieving WNBA championship is $10,500.
  • Bonus for being a runner-up in WNBA team is $5,250.
  • Bonus for players if they are most valuable in the team then the amount is $15,000.
  • If they are rookie of the year then will earn a bonus of $5,000.
  • If the player is All-WNBA First Team member then the bonus is $10,000.
  • If the player is All-Star game participant then the bonus is $2,500.

WNBA Salaries in the year

According to the estimations, average salary of WNBA team member in 2014 will be around $72,000. While the total average wages of league will be approximately $10,368,000. The minimum salary for the player in the WNBA team will be $37,950. While the players who have at least played six seasons then it is estimated that they will be able to earn an amount of $107,000 in this season. 

WNBA Bonuses

  • WNBA Champion - $10,500 per player
  • Championship Runner-up - $5,250 per player
  • Eliminated in semifinals - $2,625 per player
  • Eliminated in quarterfinals - $1,050 per player
  • Most Valuable Player Award - $15,000
  • All-WNBA First Team Award - $10,000 per player
  • All-WNBA Second Team Award - $5,000 per player
  • Defensive Player Award - $5,000
  • Sportsmanship Award - $5,000
  • Rookie of the Year Award - $5,000
  • Most Improved Player Award - $5,000


  • Rookie minimum salary: $34,500
  • Average rookie salary: $36,500, plus daily allowance
  • Veteran (over 3 years with the WNBA) minimum: $50,000,
  • Maximum salary: $95,000
  • Team salary cap: $750,000, which teams may exceed by 4%

Overseas salaries for WNBA Players:

The employees are being paid a lot when compared to what they were being given in the WNBA. The extra income comes from the overseas league matches that are played during the off season in the WNBA. The countries where the league matches are being held, Australia, China, Spain, Canada, Turkey, Russia etc,. The Chinese women’s basketball league who pays 4 times greater when compared to WNBA in USA. The more amount of money is being given to the players and participation in the WNBA matches being reduced as they stick to the foreign contracts as they want to earn more money. That’s the reason why players opt to go abroad after the end of the season in the WNBA and they are paid relatively triple or even more in six months off shore when compared to WNBA in USA.

WNBA salaries Vs NBA salaries:

Comparing with the craze on the match is good with both the Leagues. But the salaries are very low when compared to NBA salaries. The minimum salary of the player starts from 3 Lakh dollars to a maximum of 30 million dollars in the NBA. When compared to women, the basic salary starts from 30,000 Dollars and ends as high as 105,000 dollars per year in season. In NBA, ones a player gets into the game, receives an amount of 500,000 dollars per season. Where as the WNBA player receives a bonus that starts from 1300 dollars and exceeds to 10,000 dollars in the finals.

Average WNBA Team Salaries by Year

WNBA Years of Service 2008 2010 2010 2011 2012 2013
Team Salary Scale 0- 2 $34,500 $35,190 $35,880 $36,570 $37,260 $37,950
Team Salary Scale 3+ $50,000 $51,000 $52,000 $53,000 $54,000 $55,000
Minimum Team Salary Cap $750,000 $772,000 $796,000 $819,000 $844,000 $869,000
Maximum Team Salary Cap $772,000 $803,000 $827,000 $852,000 $878,000 $913,000