Winter Youth Olympics Closing Ceremony 2012

The Winter Youth Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony takes place only after all the sporting events of the festival have finished. Flag-bearers of each involved country enter the stadium, preceded by the athletes who enter jointly, without any national discrimination. The stadium hoists three national flags, while the related national anthems are played: the birthplace of Olympic Games, Greece, and its flag; the flag of the current host country of Winter Youth Olympics 2012; and the flag of the country hording the next Summer or Winter Olympic Games.

Winter Youth Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony is followed by speeches from the president of the organizing committee and the president of the International Olympic Committee. The Winter Youth Olympics 2012 games are officially closed , and the Olympic Flame is extinguished. The Antwerp Ceremony takes place in which the organizer of the Games-the  Mayor of Innsbruck, reassigns a special Olympic flag to the President of IOC; he then transfers this to the mayor of the city hosting the succeeding Olympic Games.

A medal presentation ceremony is conducted after the end of Winter Youth Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony. The winner, the first runner-up and the second runner-up or the teams stand on top of a three-tiered podium and are awarded their respective medals. The medals are given out by a member of the IOC, followed by raising the national flags of three medalists, and playing the national anthem of the gold medalist's country.

The respective medal ceremony is held for every Olympic event just one day after the final event. The competition for men's marathon is usually held early in the morning hours on the last day of Olympic competition. Its medal ceremony is held later that evening during the closing ceremony.