Winter Paralympics


The Paralympic Games are different types of sport event for physically disabled athletes. The Paralympic games are happened in every four years. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is conducted the Paralympic games. The name is coming from ‘portmanteau’ with ‘paraplegic’.

Paralympics History:

Dr. Ludwig Guttmann, worked in Stoke Mandeville Hospital is contributed a sport event with old patients, injured by spinal cord, of World War II in 1948. The Games are resumed at the same place in 1952. The Stoke Mandeville Games are pioneered to make the Paralympics. 

  • In 1960, the first Paralympic Games are conducted in Rome.
  • There are 400 athletes are contributed in the Summer Paralympic Games in 1960.
  • Above 4200 athletes are participated in 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • In 2001, Both the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committees are signed in an agreement to conduct the both Summer and Winter Paralympic Games at same venue from 2012.
  • Now, International Paralympic Committee is renamed as the “Paralympic Movement”. The Paralympic Movement conducts both the summer and Winter Paralympic Games.
  • The Paralympic Movement slogan is “Spirit in Motion”.
  • The Paralympics are held for the best athletes around the world with various disabilities.
  • Sir Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee, says, “The Paralympic Movement inspires people both with and without a disability to interact in the same global family, enjoy equal social rights and build a harmonious world together.”
Misconduct controversies in Paralympics:

In 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games, the Spanish Basketball ID Team is misconduct to enter the non-disabled athletes. The athletes were suspended by the International Paralympic Games.

Winter Paralympic Games:
  • The 1976 Winter Paralympics is held in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.
  • The 1980 Winter Paralympics is hosted in Geilo, Norway.
  • The 1984 Winter Paralympics is hosted in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • The 1988 Winter Paralympics is held in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • The 1992 Winter Paralympics is held in Albertville, France.
  • The 1994 Winter Paralympics is hosted in Lillehammer, Norway.
  • The 1998 Winter Paralympics is hosted in Nagano, Japan.
  • The 2002 Winter Paralympics is held in Salt Lake City, United States.
  • The 2006 Winter Paralympics is held in Turin, Italy.
  • The 2010 Winter Paralympics is held in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The 2014 Winter Paralympics will be held in Sochi, Russia.

The Winter Paralympic Sport Events:

  • Alpine skiing
  • Ice sledge hockey
  • Nordic skiing
    • Biathlon
    • Cross-country skiing
  • Wheelchair curling
World Record:

A Norwegian, Ragnhild Myklebust is held the record to get 17 Gold medals out of 22 in the Winter Paralympic Games. Ragnhild Myklebust is participated and won the medals in various events in 1988, 1992, 1994 and 2002.