Wimbledon Tennis Championships Tournament Trophies

To honor the winners of any championship trophies and wards are mandatory in any tournament.

Wimbledon Men's Trophy Wimbledon Women's Trophy

Trophies in Men's Singles Wimbledon Tennis Championship

  • In Men's singles championship, winners get the prize of silver gilt cup.
  • This cup is about 47 centimeter or 18.5 inches in height.
  • It has a diameter of about 19cm or 7.5 inches.
  • This trophy is being awarded to the players from the year 1887.
  • This trophy includes a line with it "The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Champion of the World."

Trophies in Women's Singles Wimbledon Tennis Championship

  • In the Ladies' Singles championship, winners get the prize of salver.
  • This salver is made up of sterling silver
  • This is popularly referred as the "Venus Rosewater Dish", or in other words "Rosewater Dish".
  • The salver is about 48 cm or 18.75 inches in diameter,
  • It is embellished with various artistic designs from mythology

Trophies for Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles in Wimbledon Tennis Championships

  • The winning players from the Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles and Mixed Doubles championship get the prize of silver cups.

Runner-up trophy in Wimbledon Tennis

  • The runner-up for every championship gets one silver plate which is inscribed.

Who gives the trophy in Wimbledon Tennis Tournament?

  • All the winners and runner ups receive these trophies from the honorable President of the All England Club, The Duke of Kent and also from his wife, the Duchess of Kent.

Discrimination of award between men and women

  • At this championship, more prize money received by the champions of Gentlemen's tournament than the Ladies were a convention.
  • Because men used to play 5 set while women perform in 3.

Resolve of Discrimination of award between men and women

  • From the year 2007, prize money is the same at every level.
  • It happened due to the revolutionary protest by famous tennis champion Venus Williams.
  • This policy is exactly similar like other championships like US Open, the Australian Open and currently the French Open.

Prize money of 2005 Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament

  • During the time of 2005, prize money of Wimbledon Championship goes up to total of £10 million or more appropriately £10,085,510.
  • It took place for the time in history

Prize Money of 2007 Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament

  • The prize money given to the winners for each of the main events in the year 2007 are described as below (this is the prize money given for the doubles events are meant for per pair):
    • Gentlemen's Singles Winner received prize money of £750,000 (US $1,482,800.95)
    • Ladies' Singles Winner received award of money £750,000 (US $1,482,800.95)
    • Gentlemen's Doubles Winners received the prize amount of £222,900 (US $448,405.23)
    • Ladies' Doubles Winners got the prize money of £222,900 (US $448,405.23)
    • Mixed Doubles Winners received the prize money of £90,000 (US $181,051.91).
  • In the year 2007, prize money given to the Gentlemen’s and Ladies' Singles are the same.
  • Sum total of the prize money at Wimbledon in the year 2007 is 9% more than the prize money of 2006.

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