Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournaments History

The glorious Wimbledon Tennis history began in 1877 at the All England lawn tennis. The championship was at the Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom. It was considered the actual home of Wimbledon tennis history. The Sponsor was the All England Crocquet Club. The money collected from it was used to set up a broken roller at a private club.

Today Wimbledon tennis is one of the most respected tournaments in the world. Earlier, there were just 22 players in the Men’s Singles and the crowd spend about one shilling to watch the final match.

The Actual Home of Modern Tennis

Earlier in the Wimbledon tennis history, women were not allowed to play tennis till 1884. The only tournament was the Men’s Singles and later in 1884 Men’s Doubles was added. Spencer Gore was the first person to win the Wimbledon Tennis Championship as well as the first winner out of the pool of participants. To watch the final match of the first Men’s Singles Championship in Wimbledon history, 200 spectators paid one shilling each.

The first Wimbledon Championships was at the private club off Worple Road. The event was reserved for a period of 2 weeks in June. In the entire Wimbledon tennis history, it was only 3 times that the match was delayed because of rains. All the players then were instructed to wear shoes without heels, ties and hats. Purple and green were the colors chosen for Wimbledon but the players used to be mostly in white. The serves were played unarmed and the tennis balls were hand sewn.

The most important and prestigious court in Wimbledon was the centre court. It was always kept for the finals and this is the most prestigious court among the 19 courts. Court 1 and court 2 hosted tennis championships.

Today, the Grand Slams who still continue to play Wimbledon Championships on the grass are Australian Open, US Open and French Open. The official tennis balls since 1902 are Dunlop Slazenger. The Men’s Single Champion win a sliver gilt cup while the ladies Singles Champion win a silver salver called the Rosewater Dish. The traditional food of the Wimbledon tennis history is strawberries and cream.

Martina Navratilova was the earlier winner who won the most number of titles from the Wimbledon Tennis Championship with 9 titles and Wimbledon from the ladies Single. The earlier winners from Wimbledon Men’s Singles with 7 titles each are Pete Sampras and Wiliam Renshaw.

Top 6 Tennis Players

Andy Murray

Rank : 1

Novak Djokovic

Rank : 2

Rafael Nadal

Rank : 4

Roger Federer

Rank : 5

Milos Raonic

Rank : 6

Serena Williams

Rank : 2

Simona Halep

Rank : 4

Elina Svitolina

Rank : 6

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