Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournaments Courts

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Court

During playing the tournament, it is very important to know the type and kind of court is being used.

Grass used in Wimbledon Tennis Court

  • All the nineteen courts are made of rye grass.
  • Though, it is known that if the court is made completely of rye grass then it becomes slower than the little mixture of any other grass or 80 percent concentration of rye grass is alright for that.

Grass tale in different Wimbledon Tournament

  • Wimbledon is known to be the one and only Grand Slam event which is played on grass court.
  • Previously, rest of the Gland Slam also used to play on grass.
  • The French Open did not continue with grass as they had opted for red clay from the year 1928.
  • But Australian and U.S. Opens continued with grass for a long period of time.
  • Then U.S. Open desolated grass and synthetic clay took place from the year 1975.
  • Then it also changed in to hard surface (Deco Turf) from the time of 1978 and continued till today.
  • Then Australian Open left grass and started with Rebound ace which is a different type of hard surface from the year 1988.
  • Then they have recently chosen this year another different kind of hard surface known as Plexicushion.

Utilization of different Courts during Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament

  • Generally, during the time of wimbledon championships the centre court, main show courts and Court no. 1 are utilized for two weeks in a year.
  • But the Wimbledon tennis tournament can be stretched up to third week in case of exception.
  • Thus, the rest of the seventeen courts are utilized for other events held at “All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club”.
  • Action of Show courts will be twice in three months in the year 2012, as according to the plan, tennis events of the Olympic Games will be hosted by Wimbledon in the same year.

Evolution of Center Court of Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament

  • The main court i.e. center court was inaugurated in the year 1922 while the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club shifted from Worple Road to another place, i.e. Church Road.
  • The plan for changing venue was taken due to the huge fan following for the famous French persona, Suzanne Lenglen and thus, Worple Road was not adequate enough to hold such a big crowd.
  • In order to safeguard the tournament during the time of monsoon and rain, one retractable roof has been planned.
  • This plan will work out from the year 2009.
  • This kind of retractable roof is so designed that it can be opened or closed within 10 minutes.
  • It is mainly made for protecting the tournament from rain and extreme sunny weather.
  • Tournament will be suspended during the time of dismantle of this roof.

Importance of Center court of Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament

  • Center court can be equipped with fourteen thousand spectators.
  • South end part of the court is reserved for royal family and special dignitaries. This place is known as the Royal Box from where they watch match.
  • Center court is meant for hosting finals and semifinals of this special gala.
  • Even this court hosts several matches of the previous rounds where the matches of local favorite player or top-seeded players are involved.

Importance of No.1 court of Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament

  • The next most important place is the Number one court.
  • No.1 court was built in the year 1997 in order to replace the previous no.1 court which was placed just adjacent to the center court.
  • The previous number one court was destroyed as it had less occupancy for the spectator.
  • But it is said that the previous no.1 court was favorite to many people and it had an unusual and cozy ambience.
  • Now, the new number one court has the occupancy of around 11,000 spectators.

Importance of No.2 Court of Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament

  • No. 2 court is known to have the "Graveyard of Champions" because various seeded players get the elimination in this court even during the early rounds.
  • No. 2 court is the third largest one.
  • To name a few famous players who did not find victory in this Graveyard court are :
    • Joe Creedon
    • John McEnroe
    • Boris Becker
    • Andre Agassi
    • Pete Sampras
    • Martina Hingis
    • Venus Williams
    • Serena Williams.
  • No. 2 court can accommodate around 3000 viewers.
  • Four thousand capacity of number two court is in a plan to be built.

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