Weightlifting Sports Equipments

Weightlifting sports is basically a show of physical power. In Weightlifting sports, competitors have to lift heavy weights that are mounted on steel bars. These steel bars are known as barbells.

Weightlifting sports includes

  • Weightlifting Classes
  • Weightlifting Records
  • Weightlifting Judging
  • Weightlifting Equipments
  • Weightlifting Weights

Weightlifting Classes

There are various Weightlifting classes of weightlifting. For the clean and jerk category in the men's +105 kg is currently held by Hussein Reza Zadeh of Iran, who lifted 263.5 kg (580.9 lb) at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics. In the snatch category, Reza Zadeh lifted a record total of 472.5 kg at both 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2004 Athens Olympics. As far as the women's clean and jerk record is concerned, it is held by Gong Hong Tang of China who lifted 182.5 kg (402.3 lb) at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics.

Weightlifting Records

The all time record for the heaviest snatch goes to Antonio Krastev of Bulgaria in 1987. Antonio Krastev lifted 216.0 kg. The heaviest clean and jerk of all time is 266.0 kg. The record was created by Leonid Taranenko in on November 26, 1988. But because of restructuring of the weight classes in 1993 and 1998, these lifts are no longer recognized as the official world records.

Weightlifting Judging

Three referees judge a weightlifting event. They are given an electronic device to make their decision known to all. The role of the referees is monitored by a jury bench who also uses an electronic device.

Weightlifting Equipments

Weightlifting event requires a special kind of flooring and equipment. The size of the arena that is generally used in international levels is four meters by four meters. The floor is wooden and has a non-slip material. These standards are specified to ensure minimizing injury to weightlifting participants.

Weight lifting equipments are generally very expensive because of the materials used. Some of the most important Weight lifting equipment are as follows

Weightlifting Ankle Weights

An Ankle weight keeps balance and especially protects the ankle from injuries. Ankle weight also serves the purpose of keeping the feet fixed on the ground solidly.

Weightlifting Dumbbell

Dumbbell is equipment that is considered as the most important thing in weight lifting. Dumbbell is basically a weight that is held in one hand. That is why dumbbells come in pairs. Dumbbells are used by lifters to increase the power of lifting hand grip. Dumbbells are also used by most sportsmen.

Weightlifting Dumbbell Racks

Dumbbell Racks are equipment to keep your dumbbells. Dumbbell Racks come in various shapes and sizes. The most common are the three tier racks which are used by professional.

Weightlifting Bars and Collars

Collar is used to keep weight plates on a weight bar. It includes a collar body that has an opening for receiving the weight bar. Then there is a lock rod through the collar. A handle threads onto the tie rod and, when rotated, tensions the tie rod, pulling the lock rod against the ramp into a securely wedged, interlocked engagement with the bar.

Weightlifting Belts

Weightlifting belts are used during the lifting basically to support and stabilize the load on the spine. Weightlifting belts also reduces stress on the lower back when a lode is being lifted. A belt reduces back stress by compressing the contents of the abdominal cavity.

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