Weight Lifting

Weight lifting health:

Weight lifting, which is often dubbed as resistance training, is very beneficial for patients with heart disease. If guidelines are followed, anybody can go for Weight lifting, says the American Heart Association (AHA). But, that is beside the point.

Weight lifting definition:

Weight lifting is a sport which combines power, flexibility, technique, mental and physical strength. In Weight lifting, competitors have to do lot of weight lifting exercises to lift heavy weights of weight lifting equipments like dumbbells, racks, bars collars easily.

Weight Lifting Game:

Weight lifting when performed at the international level is a real treat for the eyes, as competitors push the maximum to lift weights which can be more that double their body weight. Weight lifting is governed by the International Weight lifting Federation (IWF).

Weight Lifting Categories:

Weight lifting events are primarily divided into two categories. These are the snatch, the clean and jerk. In the snatch category, lifters have to lift the barbell over their heads in one continuous movement. In the clean and jerk category, lifters are required to lift the barbell from the ground and then jerk it over their heads.

Weight Lifting Cleans:

Though there was one more category known as the clean and press, but it was later withdrawn. The difference between clean and jerk and clean and press is that jerk allows a lifters to use leg power to lift the barbell followed by the body sinking downward into a split or squat to complete the extension of the arms, before once again standing.

Weight Lifting Rules:

When it comes to competitions, the person who decides to make an attempt to lift the lowest weight goes first. If he fails to successfully lift it, they can make an attempt once again or may be even try to lift a heavier weight. A maximum of three lifts that each lifter can have, whether the lifts are successful or not.

Weight Lifting History:

Going back memory lane, the biggest names in weight lifting were from the USSR and parts of Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria and Romania. They ruled the roost from 1950 to 1980s. However, one of the biggest names in weight lifting is from the US. Tommy Kono has the distinction of setting 26 world records, winning 2 Olympic Gold Medals (1952 and 1956) and an Olympic Silver Medal (1960). He is the only lifter to set world records in four different weight classes. Vasily Alexeyev (USSR) is considered the greatest super heavyweighter as he set 80 world records and won two gold medals during the 1970s.


The key point to become successful lifter is training and a lot of hard work. To become a winner in the snatch and the clean and jerk category, lifters practice other exercises to assist parts of the lift. There are three parts to the snatch which are the pull, the quick drop, and the squat. In the clean and jerk, the main parts are the pull, the drop and the squat.

Weight Lifting Games

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