Water Sports

Today, sports are also treated as revenue earning for the country. Everyone wants to be a Cricketer, Soccer Player, Tennis Star, etc. Apart from these sport there are a new generation of Sport known as Water Sports. As the word defines, sports playing on water.

Surface water sports can be divided into two different types:

  • towed water sports
  • non-towed surface water sports

Towed Water Sports includes skurfing, wake boarding, tubing, etc. While a Non Powered Surface Water sport includes Surfing, Windsurfing, etc.This kind of sports plays a very vital role in Olympics, or Asian Games, etc.

Water Sports includes :
  • Swimming:

Swimming is most common and famous sports in world. Swimming sport is popular in part of world. Swimming includes pool swimming as well as open water swimming as its contents. Ian Thorpe is the World Class Swimmer of Australia, who shows tremendous performance in swimming. He won lots of medals for his Country in Olympics.

  • Water Basketball:

This is also a very famous water sport, mostly playing in the European Countries. As the name suggests playing Basketball in Water, Players really enjoying to play this game, even the audience too.

  • Underwater rugby:

This is rugby played under water with a ball that has been rendered neutrally buoyant. It is very much famous in Europe and Australia.

  • Underwater Hockey:

This is a new generation hockey, that the players are playing in short wooden curved sticks.

  • Boating:

This is also a very common as well as popular water sports which is playing mostly all over the world.

  • Water Polo:

This is a team sport which is played in water, Even India is also very much popular in this sports.

Above are the few Examples of Water Sports, apart from these there are few other sports also like Rowing, Wake Skating, Sailing, Rafting, Fishing, Surfing, Free Diving, Body boarding, Splash Padding, Motor Boating, etc.

Water Sports on Equipments

Online water sports stores provides water sports equipments like water skiing, scuba diving & snorking, wet suits. They also provides online water sports games, vedios, photos, pictures.

Water Sports Goa, the camps should be organized mostly in the month between October to May, because this is the time when the sky is cloudless. Apart from this season, because of heavy rainfall, facilities for this kind of sports remains mostly closed. The National Institute of Water sports (NIWS) has been setup by the Ministry of Tourism as a "mother" training institute for water sports to usher in an era of adventure tourism in the country. It is the first such Institute in South East Asia and would cover the entire range of water sport disciplines such as sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, river rafting and kayaking. Twenty two types of courses have been developed, for the water sport professionals and their training to promote water sports in India.

There are lots of Benefits of this Water Sports which includes specially health and fitness benefits, weight loss, flexibility, and stress reduction. It is a great way for those with sports injuries or recovering from surgery to exercise as the water takes the strain of the body weight. This is not just a professional sport, but also the players can play this for their leisure, fun, etc.

Hence water sports are great source of fun, health beneficial etc. So , if you really want to enjoy these water sports then you have to go to the place near to water, where this kind of sports are organized, and you can enjoy your personal experience practically.