Volleyball Sports

Volleyball refers to the game played between two teams of six active players each side, and separated by a high net. The aim of both the Volleyball teams are to score more and more points against the opponents. The team with more points wins the game. And they have to strike the ball with their hand and shot it over the high net. The games mostly inclusive of three different sets, the team who score 25 first points against opponents wins the set. History of Volleyball begins with its foundation in 1895, as one of the indoor sports. Volleyball sports is an Olympic game too. In 1924, volleyball sports makes its first appearance in Summer Olympics and in 1964, volleyball makes its first appearance in Olympic games. And till now volleyball is one of the major sports of Olympics.

There are lots and lots of organizations that are promoting volleyball sports all over the world with the help of media channels like ESPN, etc and they are playing good amount for this promotion to the media, reporters, survey persons, etc. Apart from this they also released Volleyball sport as a fantasy (Videogame) in their websites, so that people pay it and know about volleyball online games, volleyball sports rules and regulations, countries participating in volleyball sports, different places where volleyball games are played. Rules and Regulations of Volleyball games make volleyball differ from all other games and sports. Some rules and regulations of volleyball sports

  • Volleyball Serve:- Serving a volleyball should be served with underhand or overhand, served ball may be served over the net, and server should be alert that he/she serves the ball behind the end line.
  • Serving of volleyball should be rotated as per the win.
  • Players should not exceed 6, in one side, though he/she reduces from tournament to tournament.
  • A player should not hit the ball twice, though he can block the ball, similarly the player should never attack or even block the serve of the opponent, he just bump it.
  • Games should be played with 25 points and winner team has to win the game with at least 02 points.

These are just a few guidelines of rules and regulation of Volleyball game. And , even these rules differ in Country to Country and volleyball championship to championship.

If we discuss the Volleyball sports in India, then we have to say that sports is played everywhere in India, whether rural areas or urban areas. In school level, college level, Volleyball is known as one of the famous sports of India. Though it’s a famous sport of India, but still we are not a part of the International Volleyball team yet. Even Volleyball sport is one of the great sources of recreation sports; in free time people will go for volleyball sport, for fun and leisure. This is the best recreation sport played especially near to beaches. There are lots of sports organizations in our Country who are working for the promotion of Volleyball sports, and there objective is to motivate and train the young generation or students by the professional coaches. Every year, they organize camps and volleyball tournaments at national level and check and improve the skills of the volleyball participants. Goa is one of the places where these sports are played lot for leisure purpose by the tourists or locals for spending time or for recreation. Volleyball sports is not much familiar as a profession here; people play this sport mostly for mind freshness and not for any monetary purpose. Though we lack professionals of Volley ball in our country but the Sports committee invites foreign coaches every year in their camps and national tournaments to make volleyball sports a profession for the upcoming generation, which shows there should be a promising future of Indian volleyball sports. An organization was founded in 1952 for promoting volleyball sports in Asian countries; this organization was named as Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) though in 1962, its name changed to Asian Volleyball Federation (AVF). Japan is the leading country in making this organization. Asia Volleyball Championship is one of the major tournaments, which this organization organizes for promotion of Volleyball.