Video Games

Video games refer to all those games in which there is a link between a player and computer or video device that play against each other or may be two players against each other with the help of computer or other video device (game), but it is not the real game, it is just a fiction. In other worlds we can also say that video games are the electronic games played by screened images on a video screen or computer screen. This is best known as a new generation of games. This is the best source of game among the kid’s.

This is not a physical game, the player play this game on fiction basis with the help of video screen, and the remote or computer mouse is the all equipment he needs to play a game. This is one of the popular concept like every sport cricket, soccer, tennis, racing, and even the hit TV movies like tomb raider, James Bond, Alien, Mission Impossible, etc games are made for kids and young generation, to make these game more and more popular.

History of Video games started in the year 1948 by Mr. Thomas. He is known as the father of the Video Games. But these games become popular in year 1970. These concept also starts up with the handy games means you can play the games in your hand these are known as small video games and mostly run with the help of batteries.

If we are discussing about video games then we have also to check what are the benefits of playing these fiction games. The first and most important benefit is that there is no risk of any injury by playing these games; these games are flexible in nature and hence players enjoy each and every moment of this game. Another surprise benefit is that player can play these game as per their suitability like he can pause the game any moment he want, he can take break anytime when he need, there is no rules and regulation regarding this. Another benefit is that the extreme action games improves the eyesight of the player, Scientists discover this thing after a long study case.

These games also increase the basic knowledge and research capability in kids. And also a good source of recreation activity in their free time. This will rest their mind from the heavy homework pressure. Apart from stress removing, Video games also help the children to learn or absorb something. There are different types of games categorized as sports, puzzle, action, adventure, arcade, horror, board, shooting, strategy, etc. A player can play any game and improve or test his knowledge by play these games. Nowadays these video games are available online and hence you don’t have to purchase these games, you can just play these games online without any fee. You can also download these games in your Computer free of cost. As there are lots and lots of game websites who are providing these games free, for promotional purpose and make their games popular. So, this concept of video games are developing everyday with more and more modernization, apart from kids, even adults also enjoys to play these games in their free time, as they are easy to play and best source of removing stress. Even these games also make a social relation between the players.

So, after discussing about video games above, I came to the conclusion that it plays a very significant role in life of a children, and even adult can also play this to improve or test their knowledge in the leisure time and reduce their stress too from busy office schedule.