UEFA Euro Cup Football 2008

UEFA Euro Cup Football 2008

  • For every soccer lover, Euro cup football or European Cup and Champion league is no doubt the real pleasure.
  • Euro cup football takes place at the interval of every four years.

History of UEFA Euro Cup Football

History of the  Euro cup football is very significant and so its evolution year after a year.

Early Games
  • Initially European challenge Cup or Euro cup football was between European countries, where the clubs of Austro-Hungarian Empire used to compete with each other during the time of 1897.
  • European challenge Cup kind of competitive game continued up to 1911 and the last victory was acquired by Wiener Sport club.
  • Then it is said that tradition was carried by pan-European club competition, where trophy was Mitropa Cup. This was first played on 1927.
  • During 1930, the initial endeavor in order to make a cup for national champion clubs of Europe was the resultant effort of Swiss club FC Servette.
  • This tournament was named as Coupe des Nations and it was won by Hungarian Újpest FC. Ten teams of Europe took part in this tournament.
  • During the Second World War, due to less popularity of the Mitropa Cup made a base of new competition with the name of the Copa Latina,
  • This competition was made with the teams of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
  • This was actually a mini- tournament played during the last of each season with the support of league championship of each country.

UEFA Euro Cup Football 1960 to UEFA Euro Cup Football 2004 Champions 

Year Winner Runner-Up Third Position Fourth Pos
1960 USSR Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia France
1964 Spain USSR Hungary Denmark
1968 Italy Yugoslavia   England   USSR
1972 Germany USSR Belgium Hungary
1976 Czechoslovakia Germany Netherlands Yugoslavia
1980 Germany Belgium Czechoslovakia Italy
1984 France Spain Denmark & Portugal  
1988 Netherlands USSR Germany & Italy  
1992 Denmark Germany Netherlands & Sweden  
1996 Germany Czech Republic England & France  
2000 France Italy Portugal & Netherlands  
2004 Greece Portugal Czech Republic & Netherlands  

Number of UEFA Euro Cup Football Titles for Diff Countries 

Titles Country
3 Germany
2 France
1 Denmark
1 Netherlands
1 Czechoslovakia
1 Greece
1 Italy
1 Spain

Now this year 2008 is the time to get the fun of world football Euro cup football 2008.

Teams of UEFA Euro Cup Football 2008 

Euro cup football 2008 Group - A Teams
Czech Republic


Euro cup football 2008 Group - C Teams
Euro cup football 2008 Group - B Teams
Euro cup football 2008 Group - D Teams

More Online Information of UEFA Euro Cup Football 2008

UEFA Technical Team
  • There will be 9 technicians for UEFA Euro 2008
  • Those technicians will be well adept with the nitty-gritty of the technicalities and also the details of coaching field.
  • UEFA Technical Team for Euro cup football 2008 are divided into two categories
    • One UEFA Technical Team for Euro cup football 2008 is located at Switzerland
    • This UEFA Technical Team for Euro cup football 2008 will consist of :
      • Jerzy Engel (Poland),
      • György Mezey (Hungary),
      • Morten Olsen (Denmark)
      • Holger Osieck (Germany)
    • Second UEFA Technical Team for Euro cup football 2008 will be from Austria
    • This UEFA Technical Team for Euro cup football 2008 will comprise of
      • FIFA Technical Director Jean-Paul Brigger (Switzerland),
      • Roy Hodgson (England),
      • Gérard Houllier (France)
      • Jozef Vengloš (Slovakia).
  • Activities of both for Euro cup football 2008 group will be supervised by Andy Roxburgh who is UEFA technical director for Euro cup football 2008

The UEFA Technical Team for Euro cup football 2008 will decide award winners as per the systems described below

Carlsberg Man of the Match for UEFA Euro Cup Football 2008

  • This time, Man of the Match for Euro cup football 2008 will be selected through the online support of the viewers by voting system.
  • Votes will be taken into account after the collection of it while voting will be done through www.euro2008.com
  • This Man of the match for Euro cup football 2008 selection will be declared just after the final whistle in every game of Euro cup football 2008.

Castrol Player of the Tournament for UEFA Euro Cup Football 2008

  • Viewers can vote through the Castrol Performance Index website for their selected player inEuro cup football 2008.
  • The UEFA Technical Team of Euro cup football 2008 will take this vote into consideration after the final match of for Euro cup football 2008 while deciding the player of the Tournament.

UEFA Team of the Tournament in Euro Cup Football 2008

  • The UEFA Team of the Tournament in Euro cup football 2008 will include squad of twenty three players
  • This squad will be selected by the UEFA Technical Team at the end of the tournament.
  • Both the UEFA Team of the Tournament and the Castrol Player of the Tournament will be declared on 30th June (Monday).

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