Trinidad and Tobago Netball Team

Full name Trinidad and Tobago national netball team
Nickname(s) The Calypso Girls
Founded 1963
Region Americas
Captain Rhonda John-Davis
Coach Grace Parkinson-Griffith
IFNA ranking 11th

Trinidad and Tobago World Netball Championships 2013 Squad & Schedule

yet to come...

Trinidad and Tobago World Netball Championships Record

World Netball Championships 2007

  • Rhonda John-Davis (captain)
  • Janelle Barker
  • Joelisa Cooper
  • Kemba Duncan
  • Crystal Ann George
  • Anika La Roche
  • Tricia Liverpool
  • Simone Morgan
  • Natalie Pierre
  • Garbrel Selman
  • Anastacia Wilson
  • Lystra Zamore

Netball World Championship

Year(s) Result
1963 Eighth
1967 Eighth
1971 Eighth
1975 Eighth
1979 First (jointly)
1983 Third
1987 Second
1991 Eighth
1995 Eighth
1999 Eighth
2003 Tenth
2007 Eleventh

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