Trade Card Games

First of all we have to know what is the meaning of Trade Cards, and then have to discuss how can we play this. As this is a game not much famous and most of us don’t know what it is! A very simple meaning of a trading card is any card with a picture or design as a part of it and game means children enjoys by trade or collecting or exchange these cards. Trading cards refers to a card, which we intended for trading and collecting. This is also commonly known as collectible card games. As per the name this game is played with a collection of cards. Baseball Cards is the best-known trading card game. There are few other card games too which relates to sports. All these card games are completely sports based.

Though there is a provision of non sports cards game too, but that are not much famous, and hence not played. These non-sports cards mainly include mainly the topics like movies, cartoons, etc. History of these trade card games started in the year 1904 with the invention of first trade card of Baseball Card Game.

This game is also played with certain rules and regulations as per the other games. In every picture card, there is a text or message displayed and the specific card having the effect on the game. These types of card games are very much familiar with children, in their free time they always prefer to play these games with friends. Though sometimes adults also take part in this type of games. It is completely a non monetary game, and hence don’t have any money benefits for the players, though if you select the poker game, then it is a gamble base game and having cash benefits in it. So, this is the description of physical card games.

You can play these games in your leisure time, and it is completely unprofessional in nature, due to its non-monetary aspect. Apart from this, Trade card games are played with the help of Internet too. These games are much popular in Internet as compare to physical game. In Internet, you can play in-group, or even as a Single player with Computer. This game is very much developed and frequently used and its latest versions introduced after every year.

If we categorized these trade cards, as we already discussed earlier, it is divided as sports trade cards, which is the most famous one. This includes all those cards relates to sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc. Baseball cards are the most popular one in trade card games. Then there are other cards known as non-sports cards, and these are not so popular and hence not frequently played. This may mainly includes Cosmic Cards, Magic Cards, Pokemon, World of Warcraft, etc. Pokemon cards are very much popular among children and young generation. The final category is known as entertainment or movie or television trade cards there are lots and lots of examples of this like any movie card Rocky, Jaws, Superman, Harry Potter, Godzilla, etc. Hence above are the all categories and the examples of the trade cards.

So, above I tried to discuss the topic of Trade card games including its meaning, how it is played, through what source like physical or through Internet. What are the categories of these trade cards, and its popularity among children’s and adults. Hope, you all are satisfied with the above discussion and also understand how these trade games are important to us!