Tennis Sports

Tennis is a game played which is played by two ways: - 1. Played between two single players, known as Singles. 2. Played between team of two players known as doubles. In tennis game both the players’ uses stringed racquets and hit the rubber ball over the net into the opponents court. Tennis is a good fun game, played professionally or for recreation purpose, and there are lots and lots of benefits of tennis sports.

As a profession, tennis gives a good and handsome earning to the players, as a recreation, tennis sports will benefits the health of the players and make them fit. Tennis sports started in 19th Century, and now counted as a World’s Famous Sport Games. The origin of tennis game is Greek.

Various tennis courts on which tennis championships or grand slams played are: -

    1. On Clay court: - Clay courts may Includes red clay and Green clay.French Open tennis is the best-known Example grand slam which uses clay courts.
    2. Hard Court: - Hard courts includes matches on hard field like cement, asphalt, etc. US. Open tennis is the best example for plaing on hard Court.
    3. Grass Courts: - As the name says, it is played in grass field. WimbledonChampionship is the best Example for this.

Tennis is played as both indoor sports as well as the outdoor sports.

In India, there are lots and lots of popularity of the tennis sports. Mahesh Bhupathi, Leander Pace, Sania Mirza are few of the Tennis Legends of India. Vijay Amritraj was the first Tennis star of India.

There are lots of tournaments of Tennis, which are played in our Country, these are mainly known as:- Sun feast Open tennis, Chennai Open tennis, Kingfisher Airlines Open tennis, and many International players also a part of these tournaments of India, for Tennis Promotions and Popularity in India.

In World, there are lots and lots of Tennis Tournaments like :

    2. Grand Slam Tournaments:- Includes French Open tennis Australia Open tennis US Open tennis and Wimbledon Open tennis championship .
    3. ITF Tennis Tournaments
    4. WTA Tennis Tournaments
    5. Master Series Tennis Tournaments:- Master series tennis tournaments includes major tournaments like Rogers Cup, Pacific Life Open, Shanghai Cup, Italia Master Cup, etc.

In professional matches, there is always a referee sitting next to the net for checking the fouls and close supervision over the game. Off the court referee is the final authority of the tennis rules. Apart from these International Tournaments, there are also some other promotional and beneficial tournaments for juniors. In this category all the players who are less than 18 years come.

In these tennis tournaments, a junior player is supervised and his quality of play is improved so that he can represent his country in International tournaments, hence these are just the practice matches for the juniors, who became perfect after these junior tournaments and learn a lot in these tournaments.

Classification Of Tennis:

  • Singles: Played as men singles, or women's singles.
  • Doubles: Similarly played between women's doubles (team of two) or Men Doubles (team of two)
  • Mixed Doubles: Played by team of two in which one is male and another is female of both sides.

There are different strategy of different players, these are specially seen in doubles as compare to the singles game, players won the matches by their mind strategies this will includes:

  • Both up strategy: It is an attacking strategy, players playing with attacking mode.
  • Up and Back Strategy: It is a combine mixture of attacking as well as defensive play.
  • Both Back Strategy: It is completely defensive strategy and hence player always play the game in safest mode.

So, after going through the above discussion, I believe that Tennis sport is also one of the world famous sport and another plus point is that it is a small game. Apart from profession, it should also be used as a recreation activity for spending time. So, in your free time you can choose this mode of sport with your friends as a fun source.