Table Tennis

Table tennis is a vigorous indoor game that reminds of a miniature edition of tennis. The players use rackets, which are frequently called bats or paddles, to strike a ball back and forth above a net that extends across a table. Players score points by hitting the ball so that their opponent or opponents cannot return it.Table tennis may be played by two or four persons.


Table tennis developed in England during the late 1800's. Nowadays,table tennis is a accepted form of recreation and an global sport. Players from more than 100 nations belong to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The ITTF organizes a world championship tournament once in each two years.


Equipment for table tennis comprises of a table, net, rackets, and ball.

The table measures 274 centimetres long, 152.5 centimetres wide and 76 centimetres high. Mainly tables are dark green with a white line along the edges. A white centre line darts the length of the table. The centre line separates the table into courts that are employed for doubles. The net, which is hanged between two posts, extends across the width of the table at its centre. The net measures 15.25 centimetres high.

The rackets are made of timber and are covered with pimpled or flat sponge or rubber. Each side must be of a standardized dark colour, though the sides may be diverse colours. The covering stuff cannot be more than 4 millimetres thick on both side of the racket.

The ball is round and hollow and made of celluloid. Ball measures 38 millimetres in diameter and weighs 2.5 grams.


Players toss a coin to decide who serves initially. The hand must be behind the end of the table when the server hits the ball. The ball must bounce on the server's side of the net, clear the net, and bounce on the opponent's side.

Hitting the ball before it bounces is not allowed. Game carry on until one person fails to return the ball, strike it off the table, or hits it into the net. When a player is unsuccsesfull to make a fine serve or a fine return, the opponent notch up a point. After each five points, the other player serves.

A match consists of either two out of three games or three out of five games i.e. aplayer has to win two out of three games or three out of five games depending upon the match.

When playing doubles, the server have to serve from his or her right-hand court into the opponents' right-hand court. The teammates must swap in hitting the ball on the returns.