Summer Universiade 2015

Summer Universiade is an International student sporting event and cultural festival that unites students from around the world competing among the equal ages. The Summer Universiade is a sports festival which is celebrated once in every two years in different cities in the world that incorporates cultural and educational scenarios which extend 12 days of sports competitions. This allows the University students around the world to join the hands with athletes and take part to the host city in a spirit of sportsmanship. The Summer Universiade is second to of Olympic games and consists of 13 compulsory disciplines of which 10 are compulsory and the rest of the 3 are optional. The 3 optional sports will be selected or chosen by the host city or the country.

Formation of Summer Universiade:

International University Sports Federations hosts the Summer Universiade (FISU) that began in the year 1959. This belonged to the nations of Europe in the early 1920's and included Brazil, Japan and United States following year after the formation of FISU. The Summer Universiade Department takes care of the daily administrative and logistical issues.

The initial stage an attempt was made to name the organization as "University Olympic Games". After a discussion with the founder of the modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin, he suggested not to use the word Olympic in the tournament name. The organization that ran International events was CIE (Confederation Internationale des Etudiants) till 1947 and CIE was banned after the Second World War. That led to the formation of Union Internationale des Etudiants UIE which conducted the University Sports Games from 1947-1962. The increased participation ultimately led to the formation of Summer Universiade for Global Sport Champion Ship.

2015 Summer Universiade:

That would be 28th Summer Universiade in 2015 commencing dates July 3rd to July 14th and the hosting city as Gwangju in Korea. A smaller and not so popular city in Asia is hosting this year's Summer Universiade 2015. The concept of the 2015 Gwangju Universiade is EPIC which means Eco-Friendliness, Peace, IT and Culture. The EPIC follows the four principles of the Universiade.

XXVIII Summer Universiade

Nations participating 170
Athletes 12,200
Events 21 sports
Opening ceremony July 3, 2015
Closing ceremony July 14, 2015
Main venue Gwangju World Cup Stadium

Summer Universiade 2015