Sports Watches

All athletes have the necessity of robust sports watches that can withstand the severe conditions that they have to endure. For optimum performance, the watches require to be tough as well as inclusive of all the necessary features so that the athletes can benefit from it to the fullest. There are a lot of sports watch manufacturers to choose from. Among all, the most popular of these watches are:

Nike Sports Watch:

Nike is one of the best sports-watch makers for athletes and runners. Nike’s new product – the Triax S series is a brand new series of sports watches that feature a complete set of chronograph functions together with digital display, lap time memory and an alarm.

It has a robust rigid plastic covering and a polyurethane strap that crafts this watch as a durable and useful gadget. Nike has also launched a series of Nike pink sports watches for women that also have similar necessary features.

Timex Sports Watch:

Timex offers a wide range of sports watches for both men and women and their new product – the Timex IronMan Heart Rate Monitor Watch with help you attain your fitness together with the features of chronograph, timer, cardiac monitor and several other crucial features for the athletes.

Casio Sports Watch:

Casio is by far the leaders in sporting watch industry and they have the widest range of sports watches. They have watches of all tastes and styles and an athlete will definitely find one that suites his needs. Among these models, one of the top sellers is: Casio Phys Watch STR –300C – 1 Ver – this model of Casio has auto LED functions together with other necessary features such as Dual time, Stopwatch, Pace maker and a Timer.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch:

Seiko are one of the leading manufactures of water resistant sports watches. SNZB87K1 – the Seiko 5 Sports automatic watch is a new edition to Seiko 5 sports watches and the watch has features of water resistance, a stainless steel case, and a transparent caseback together with 23 jewels automatic mechanical movement. This one is a must buy for the underwater divers and for a watch of this calibre, its price is reasonable as well.