Sports And Social Clubs

When it comes to health, fitness and recreational activities, you will find only a few people who would be interested in all at the same time due to time constraints. As the times are changing and people are becoming more health conscious there has been seen a tremendous increase in sports clubs and fitness centre all over the world. Moreover this consciousness if not limited to only the chosen few or the so called exclusive class but even the common people are becoming aware of their health requirements. That’s the reason for tremendous growth in number of sports and social clubs all over the world. These clubs help in solving dual purpose for the members-one they provide health and fitness facilities and second they are used as a venue for social gatherings and parties.

The various aspects of these sports and social club are:

Get in Shape:

The main motive of these sports and social clubs are to provide fitness solutions to its members by engaging them in various sports facilities such as volleyball, basketball, and softball etc. Clubs have their own infrastructure to provide its members these facilities. Clubs also have proper and experienced trainers to help its members get the best result out of these sports facilities.

Want to Socialize………Making new friends :

These sports and social clubs also help its members to meet new people and make new friends during club gatherings. Members can meet people having common interests in different aspects of life and help in growing their social circle.

Sprawling numbers……..Trend setting :

Success of many sports and social clubs in US has triggered the growth of these clubs allover the world mainly in developed countries like UK, Australia etc. Due to hectic life and work schedules people were ignoring their social life and health and fitness issues but the evolution of these club have shown a way to bring balance in all aspects of life. These clubs provide facilities depending upon the free time of members generally on weekends. Clubs such as Sports and Social Clubs have around 30 branches all over USA serving almost every section of society.

Bringing out…….Creativity :

Sports and social clubs not only concentrate on the physical fitness of its members but also try to carve out their creative acumen by organizing events such as fashion shows, drawing and painting competitions etc. People get a chance to bring out their creative side in these activities and provide their minds some sort of relaxation.

Catchy Tag lines…….To hold you :

These sports clubs try to attract new members through their catchy tag lines which are formed by keeping in mind the function which the club is going to perform and the services which it is going to provide its members.

Some examples are quoted below:

  • New York City Social Sports Club-Get some Action
  • Sport and Social Clubs – The best place to meet and compete!
  • Calgary Sports & Social Club-Get in the Game
  • Toronto Central Sport and Social Club- Play for Fun
  • Toronto Central Sport and Social Club- Play for Fun
  • Baltimore Sports & Social Club-For people who enjoy Sports…….but Love to Socialize.

Exposure……To the world :

Internet and other media have helped in providing great exposure to these sports and social clubs. Events in these clubs are sponsored by various companies which work as a source of revenue for the clubs and advertisement for the company giving them exposure to various sections of society.

Initiating start-ups :

Various government policies and initiatives are helping in growth of these sports and social clubs all over the world. Various regulations are in place to check any discrepancy in working and setting up of these sports and social clubs. Companies like Marsh Services, UK also help in providing risk and insurance solutions to these sports and social clubs and help in arranging cover for wide variety of related businesses such as rugby clubs, tennis clubs, Social clubs and other sports clubs.