Sports Medicine

Medicines and sports have always been closely associated with each other since centuries. Many medicines which are prescribed by the law today widely used by the sportspersons to enhance their capabilities, but some sportsmen go extra mile and use such medicines which are illegal and hence reach to a situation, where they have to suffer only. It is termed that they initially were used by Greeks and Romans as they had plenty of options for games, biggest event of games-which we know is, by the name of Olympics—started in Greece in 777 BC. Sports medicines apart from enhancing performance are taken to avoid injuries as well and they help an athlete to develop his power and skills which is expected from him.

The first Olympic sports medicine team-I n 1968 –summer Olympics in the city of Mexico, Doctor based in Ontario, Canada, named as Dr J C Kennedy has given a refined thought to it that, athletic team of Canada should be accompanied by qualified and well learned medical team. He later on becomes the founder of Canadian Academy of sports medicine. Their main emphasis was to improve the quality and to give utmost care to Canadian athletes. As Dr J C Kennedy was the first medical officer of the Canadian team, he was the trend setter in the particular field and later on every country started following his footprints.

Dr Kennedy has a deeper and distant vision in his life, he was not only limited to the extent to the Canadian traveling sport personnel. He was a leader who convinced universities of the programme when no body else has given a thought for it. He was the man in the charge to persuade the authorities to turn a wrestling room into Athletic injuries clinic. Which got its formation in 1972.univrsitu of Ontario, Canada is well known for its research in the particular field—and the efforts of Dr J C Kennedy earned a wide spread recognition for him.

Experts have a firm belief that, future of sports medicine lies in prevention—which means helping body to increase its resistance, As a sportsmen has a fair chance of getting injures, though it is unavoidable and he has to face, It cannot be eliminated fully, but due to enhancements in techniques and course and methodology, this risk of injury can be minimized.

A survey was conducted on soccer players and its results were really surprising, there was a significant change in the injury level. In recreational ball, injuries had brought down by 98 %, when breakaway base were used.

To participate in any event as a physical activity is an integral part of one’s life. And a sportsman leads a better and refined life than a normal man. There has been a surge in medicines and many still claim its drawback as well, because banned drugs if taken can cause dangerous diseases like impotency, infertility, haor loss, cancer and list is endless.

National Academy of sports medicine has been given the recognition of global leading authority in continuing education and certification, solution providers, as well as fitness, enhancing performance. It has its presence in more than 80 countries and 100000 plus members has been rewarded so far. It provides certified fitness trainers, personal trainers, and has a consistent progressive track of career with specialization ranging in research and various other interrelated programs. It’s a new way to improve the standard of sportsmen in the country.

There are rehabilitations matters when a sportsmen is injured, rehabilitation is specialized in injury caused by sports and is entirely dedicated to the prevention measures and management of injuries. Rehabilitation is very challenging for a sportsmen mentally as well as physically, sportsmen has to go for it. There is onshore support available to the sportsmen seeking for it, and it helps in plenty of ways .A sportsmen can perform nicely if he takes a good care of medical advice given to him and it had been proved by the researches done so far.