Sports Authority

As the name implies–any system which has been setup for the well being of sports is called sports authority. There is endless number of games played and for each such game there is a system or an authority which takes into consideration below mentioned factors like.

Duties and responsibilities undertaken by Sports Authority :
  • Evaluating nature and scope of the game,
  • Setting up infrastructure for it,
  • Encourage training and development,
  • Talent search,
  • Facilitating competition,
  • Taking it into at national and international levels,
  • Collecting funds from corporate and government,
  • Managing sponsors and advertisers,
  • Overall management of the respective game,
  • Training and developments of sports personnel,
  • Providing nutrition and other important facilities,
  • Setting up of venues,

Sports are considered as the physical indicator of any nation, so every country laid more emphasis on its training and development if they have to excel in the particular field. The main motive of setting up of any such system is to bring an overall improvement in the entire system so that the management of any such game could be done. Its working starts at a grass root level where system is supposed to identify the potential of the game as well as the players. To encourage such practices they formally create competition levels amongst the participants, so that the level of game could be taken to new heights.

Authorities has to take car of many factors related to the interest of sports, every sports authority has its own set of procedures, some authorities after creating a competition level at a grassroots’ level picks up the best talent and put hem for further grooming and supervision in order to take them to he next level. They have their own set of infrastructures like academies, clubs for advance training. In the academies they are put under the close supervision of coaches who would provide them training for improvement, their nutritional well being is also taken care off.

In a nutshell it could be concluded that sports authority operates at various levels and its work starts from planning of a game to its overall development which again involves too many steps. They are the backbone of any game and every game whichever is played in this world has its own system and sports authority.

Sports authority can be at any levels, for instance it could be at a general level and could be one in a country which would be heading all the sports and it would have sequence of further departments for each game. If it’s at central level then the main task if any such sports authority is to bring change and development in the system and to coordinate with regional authorities. It entirely depends on the practices of any country that, how much authorities It could have? The overall role of any system remains static and that is improvement of game.

For example:

Sports authority of India usually known as SAI—is the centralized authority in India working for the overall development of the game. Its main objective is to transform the entire system of games played in the country, it has taken many such steps which starts from competition to training as well providing Educational programs on sports, there are many bachelor, postgraduate and doctoral courses for further research and development, it works for funding as well and takes care of medals, trophies and awards and has setup various sub departments to head their respective fields. It remains in to touch with ministry to avail grants and to bring any desirable change in the policy of the country and necessary changes in it f required on timely basis.

SAI has various schemes for the development of game at various levels which take care of the foundation of games at very grass root level targeting the age group of 8—14 years.

In the similar way every country on this globe has its own excellence by the way of authorities of sports.