Soccer Sports

This refers to a sport that the players played on a rectangular field with net goals on both sides of field and it includes 11 players of both sides whose aim is to drive the ball to other's goal side with the help of kick, head, or any other part of body, except the hands.

Goalkeeper is the only person of each team who can touch the ball by hand, and his aim is to save the goal from the opponents drive. The team who score most number of goals against its opponents won the game.

Soccer is the most popular game of world, as there are lots and lots of soccer fans all over the world. Even the nation who doesn't participate in soccer has also millions of soccer fans. Men as well as woman of all ages, as a profession or for fun or recreation, play soccer.

Soccer word is derived from corruption of the abbreviation called ‘assoc’. Soccer name is only used in United Nations. Outside United Nation this sports is commonly known as Football (because a ball played by foot to score goals).

There are many countries like China, Greek, Egypt, etc having kicking games in their culture. But, the Soccer game began in 19th Century, and become popular all over the world. Origin or Mother Place of Soccer Sports is England. So, at that time a world championship was organized that is named as FIFA, which is played after every 04 years. But then, its name changed from FIFA to World Cup, and now its is played in the name of World Cup, after every 04 years.

Socceer sport is very much popular in Schools, Colleges, and other professional institutes. Players play these sports as a profession as well as for time spending or for removing stress or for recreation. There are lots of school and College level tournaments Soccer organized by the Association, for promotion of Soccer in student’s life.

There are few top classes Soccer Playing nations specially known for their Excellency in winning games like BRAZIL, ENGLAND, ITALY, ARGENTINA, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, CZECK REPUBLIC, etc. as there are lots and lots of star players in these teams who play tremendously to score the goals against opponents. This sport is very much popular through promotion by media, and professional star players. As they visit to different countries, and teach playing soccer skills to the boys in the special camps. This step helps a lot in promoting soccer in non Soccer Playing Nations. Players playing Soccer as a profession earns good and handsome amount from the Club or the Country, he is playing for, as it is World’s most famous game.

As we had discussed a lot about Soccer Sports, it’s benefits, its popularity, etc. There is one more important thing that we have to discuss when we are discussing about Soccer, that is one its drawback- Injury. When we are playing soccer carelessly or continuously without proper resting, it may cause physical or mental injury to us. When we are playing this sport, its necessary to wear all the essentials and safety pads to make you safe, and play it carefully, don’t get excited!

Betting or Gambling on this sport is also a big drawback cum crime in few countries, as it may cause monetary or property losses to much soccer fans and hence watch this just for fun, and not for money making gambling.

So, that’s all about Soccer, which I know and want to discuss with you people, I know you all are also great fans of Soccer Sports, and you like the above article on Soccer as it includes, introduction, history, importance, drawback and conclusion.