Sky Sports

Human beings are gifted with an incredible quality and this very quality separates them from the rest of the animal kingdom, making them far more superior and stronger. The will to learn in history has given man everything he has in the present day. Man has learned to dig the grave from the raven. He has learned to swim the rivers from the ducks, and ultimately, to fly the skies from the birds. This human urge to fly was there perhaps since the beginning of time. Humans look up to flying as a divine quality and have always associated them with the gods and the demons. It did not matter to them whether they had the tender feathers of a pigeon or the gruesome wings of a bat all they wanted was – to fly.

The Concept of Sky Sports

In early history human concept for flight consisted of man made wings or perhaps kites but it gradually changed to more lucid realistic visions. History has it, that even the great Vinci had devised a machine, which is in some ways, was similar in design to the present day helicopter.

Since the time, the Wright Brothers had flown the first plane; most of the modern flights have changed to either military or commercial purposes. Flying was no more a passion for the humans it became a business.

Nowadays a great many number of people from all over the world enjoy the thrill of a variety of sky sports or aerial sports. There are quite a number of air activities that are performed nowadays; sky sports include gliding, parachuting, air ballooning and powered planes.

The Power Plane Sports

Power plane sports require the usage of auto-propulsion airplanes. There are quite a few different power-plane sports aerobatics, racing, rotorcraft and homebuilt activities. Air racing was held at France in 1909 for the first time at an international level. Since the planes were poorly engineered, 28 participants out of the 38 that took part in the race crashed! With improvements in aviation technology and engineering, air races started to become popular after the end of the World Was II. It was not until the 60s, when power planes evolved into aerobatics. Aerobatics is also called stunt flying where the pilots perform daredevil stunts and enthralling turns and spins. Since then, Power plane sports has become a very popular sport.

Ballooning Sky Sports

Although the first balloon to lift off the grounds was about in the late 1700s, Ballooning was not till the 1960s when ballooning was rediscovered. The modern day aviators invented revolutionary lightweight tools and started the use of economic propane gas to heat the air in it. Balloon sky sports initially stated as rallies and later as the years passed by, ballooning became more widespread and people started ballooning for sightseeing and enjoyment.

Gliding Sky Sports

Gliding sports is undoubtedly one of most thrilling of aerial sports and it hovers using a one-winged zeppelin without any motor inside it. These special aircrafts are also known as sailplanes or gliders. The craft ascends by using the upward movement of air to attain height. Tactful pilots can use the thermals, otherwise known as rising warm air to gain height and fly over great distances with speeds reaching up to 100 miles an hour.

Parachuting Sky Sports

Parachuting has gained immense popularity as an aerial sport. When you talk about aerial sports, the first thing that you can think about is parachuting or sky diving. Parachuting has become an established international sports since 1951 and nowadays people go skydiving for recreation or competition. The divers are taken to an altitude of 13000 feet traveling at 4000 meters, using lightweight cargo aircrafts. The divers’ jump of the aircraft, free falling for some time and then opening up the parachute to slow down the descent and lower the speeds for a safer landing.

Aerial sports are obviously one of the most awesome and enthralling sports you can find anywhere and trying them up is definitely something everyone should do at least for once in their lifetime.