Singapore Youth Olympics Volunteer 2010

The summer Youth Olympics which is going to take place on 14th of this month will be an historical event as it is the first Summer Youth Olympics. According to the International Olympic committee, the vision of this Youth Olympic Game is to inspire the youngsters all around the world in terms of sports spirit and make them aware of the values of Olympics. It also aims in building a balance between sports events, cultural activities and education. Thus, during the Summer Olympics, the youngsters will be given opportunity to participate in cultural and educational activities apart from the interesting sporting events. The cultural and entertainment activities will be based on five themes. These themes are Olympic values and Olympism, development of personal skills, healthy lifestyle and well being, awareness on Social responsibility and the expression through digital media.

Around 3600 athletes from 205 countries will unite together with 1450 officials and 500,00 spectators in the Marine Bay of Singapore on 14th August for the 13 days long 2010 Singapore Summer Youth Olympics. The young athletes are between the age group of 14 to 18 years. Apart from these athletes and the spectators, the Olympic event will be made successful with the immense help contributed by the Summer Youth Olympics Volunteers. It is estimated that around 20,000 young volunteers from both Singapore and other countries all around the world will be putting forward their maximum effort towards the upcoming Youth Olympics. The young volunteers will also be rewarded with appropriate payment.

It will really be a great opportunity to volunteer an event like summer youth Olympics. The young volunteers will be handlings works in cooperative services, security, technology, finance, medical help, operation and games services, human relations, media and press, language services, Youth Olympic Village etc. You can choose your area of interest through the volunteering application form. Those who are involved in volunteering activity in Youth Olympic Village will be able to contact the young athletes directly by engaging in their service support, transport, logistics etc. The volunteers will get opportunity to learn new skills and also will be able to interact with more people.

You can apply for the volunteer post in several ways. You can get involved in volunteering through any volunteering organization. If you are not the member of any formal volunteering organization, and if you are interested in being involved as a personal volunteer, then you can apply for the volunteers post through the official website for volunteers i.e., the Youth Olympic Volunteers website.