Singapore Youth Olympics Village

The National Institute of Educational Campus at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus is the site which will act as the Youth Olympic Village for the 2010 Singapore Summer Youth Olympics. The Youth Olympic Village is having a total area of about 19 hectare; it is located around 13 km from the city centre at Warren Hill. The Olympic village is situated in the western most side of Singapore just near to the National University of Singapore Kent Ridge Campus. The NUS (National University of Singapore) University town will be connected either through vehicular transport or through pedestrian bridge to the National University of Singapore Kent Ridge Campus. It requires only a 30 minutes travel from the Youth Olympic Village to all the Olympic game venues. The athletes will be provided with all the facilities like accommodation, educational events, and cultural programs, recreational activities etc. The Olympic village will also have wireless broadband connection.

The construction work for the Olympic Village has been started after a groundbreaking ceremony at the National University of Singapore by the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 31st January 2008. It was a SGD $ 600 million project which got completed before few months. The youth Olympic village has accommodation and bedding facilities for 5,000 athletes and other official staffs attending the Olympic function. The location of the Olympic Village in a quite and serene natural environment is an advantage for the athletes. The Youth Olympic Village will be opened for the athletes on 10th August 2010. The Youth Olympic Village is divided into four main zones. These zones are:

  • The Residential Zone: The residential zone is further organized into a cluster of five bed room apartments to accommodate all the 5,000 athletes and other official staffs. It has ten residential halls each of which has separate front desk along with all the essential facilities like meeting room, TV hall, medical centers, wireless internet broad band connection, prayer hall, laundry service, training centers for Olympic participants, gymnasium that a capacity of 150 people at a time, dining hall which serves different types of dishes etc.
  • The Village Square: The village square is the most interesting zone. It has a cultural village which exhibits the cultural and historical aspects of all the participating countries. It provides entertainment for the athletes with various musical performances, cultural activities, and educational programs. It also offers chat with the sports champions along with many sports related forums. Thus this zone provides an interactive session which apart from increasing the athlete’s knowledge on sports activities also provides them deep knowledge on global issues.
  • The Operational Zone: This zone aims in providing supportive and administrative service to every one residing at the Youth Olympic Village.
  • The Transport hub: The transport hub is facilitated with many bus services which offer many shuttle services daily from the youth Olympic village to all the sports venues and all most all important non-sports venues.