Singapore Youth Olympics Torch

The 13 days long 2010 Singapore Summer Youth Festival will mark its opening ceremony on 14th August, 2010. This remarkable festival will be hosted by the floating stage at Marina Bay Singapore with the presence of 3,600 participants, around 1,400 official media staffs and more than 20,000 young volunteers. This will be a memorable event with lots of entertaining cultural, social and sporting activities. The live performance of the Olympic theme song “Everyone” by all the five talented young singers is going to be the most interesting among all.

The Olympic flame that marks the beginning of the inauguration of 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics have been successfully lit with sun rays on July 23, 2010 at Greece, which is the birth place of ancient Olympics. This was carried out in a traditional way. The flame was lit by an actress Ino Menegaki who dressed up in an ancient priestess style. A concave mirror was used to focus the sun rays on the silver torch and to kindle it. This was done by standing in front of an ancient temple, the Temple of Hera, which is around 2,600 years old. The priestess then moved along with other priestesses in to a place within the ruins of ancient stadium where the first Olympics had taken place. She then handed over the torch from this place to one of the young athletes. Apostolos Koutovas is the young athlete who had received the torch from the priestess for the first time. He is a 16 years old Greek boy who is going to participate in Trampoline, one of the sporting events in the upcoming Summer Youth Olympics. Koutovas then ran within the stadium for a short distance before he handed it over to the next runner.

The Olympic torch is having a height of 60cm, a width of 6 to 8 cm and a weight of around 1 kg. The Olympic Committee president Mr. Jacques Rogge during the inaugural function said: “Youth’s passion burns inside this flame. Young athletes will show that each one of us can contribute to a better world”. The Olympic flame aims in spreading the message of joy and peace throughout the world. The Olympic flame or the international torch relay will pass through five cities in the five continents before it finally reaches the Singapore on 14th August 2010. The five cities through which the flame will pass across are Berlin of Germany, Dakar of Senegal, Mexico City of Mexico, Auckland of New Zealand and Seoul of South Korea.