Singapore Youth Olympics Opening Ceremony 2010

The world’s first Summer Youth Olympics will be held at Singapore on August 2010. The opening ceremony of the game will be on 14th August 2010. It is a 13 days long event and will end on 26th August 2010. The opening ceremony will be celebrated grandly with several cultural and entertainment activities. The most amazing among these will be the presentation of the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic theme song by the five famous singers from five continents. These five singers are Steve Appleton from Europe, Jessica Moubay from Oceana, Sean Kingston from America, Jody Williams from the African continent and Tabitha Nauser from the Asian continent. The opening ceremony of this first Summer Youth Olympics will surely be a remarkable event.

The amazing land of Singapore will be hosting around 3600 athletes from different parts of the world. The total number of countries taking part in the Olympic game is 205. There are about 26 sports events included in the 2010 Singapore Summer Youth Olympics. 

The Olympic flame that marks the inauguration of the Singapore Youth Olympics was successfully lit with sun rays at Greece which is the birth place of ancient Olympics. This was lit by the famous actress Ino Menegaki by dressing up in ancient high priestess style. The sun rays were focused on a silver torch using a concave mirror. This was done by standing in front of the Temple of Hera. This is an ancient temple and is around 2,600 years old. The high priestess then walked with other priestesses to the place in the stadium where the ancient Olympics were held. From here she handed over the flame to one of the young athletes, Koutavas. Koutavas is just 16 years old and is one of the participants of 2010 Singapore Olympics. After running a short distance within the stadium he handed over the flame to the next runner. The flame will travel through Berlin, Dakar, Mexico, Auckland, Seoul and finally to Singapore. During this ceremony, the Olympic committee president Mr. Jacques Rogge said: “We are here…to mark the beginning of the Olympic movement”.