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Scoring runs consistently is all about serious softball or commonly referred as fastpitch softball. But that is not that easy. Playing fast pitch softball in tournaments is itself a very tough task, leave alone scoring runs.

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The most important keys to become a successful fast pitch softball player are planning, diversity and most-importantly well trained.


Scoring consistently means everything. So it is very important for softball players to be fundamentally sound in hitting, bunting, and base running. The next important thing is to take the game to the next level.

Taking game to next level can be achieved through drills and more drills. If you think that the old fashioned batting practice will do the trick, then better to forget thinking about serious softball game.

On an average, a successful player swings the bat a hundred times at a time. This is all about serious softball.


Mind you that if you are yet to teach your players how to bunt, then the players haven't learnt to play softball. A huge weapon is the short game in fast pitch softball


Whenever you talk about sports, America has been leading it in many ways. One of the first sport innovations of this country is softball. Though it is very close to baseball, but there are a lot of differences. It's a very interesting sport, with the other version being known as slow pitch

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To get into the nitty-gritties of this game, one should remember that fast-pitch is a very defensive version of the game. Here the pitcher is permitted to dominate in the entire game. The pitcher has the liberty to deliver the softball at a maximum speed. The throw is generally very flat making it extremely difficult for the batter to score. Naturally, strikeouts and a number of ground balls are much more


In a game, the fielding team is allowed nine players. The left, center and right fielder have the right to field in the outfield. The pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman and shortstop have their positions in the infield. The dissimilarity between a baseball and that of the fast-pitch softball is that there is no pitcher's mound as in baseball


But there is a word of caution for the pitchers. The rules are very strict. They have to show the ball to a hitter before the motion. No crow-hop or extra step off their back foot is allowed on a follow through. Learning this is a tough ask and many umpires forgo rules at lower age divisions. But these mechanics must be accurate at the higher levels.


In a number of leagues, there is a double first base developed for safety purposes. One base is placed in fair territory while the other is in foul territory. The colour of the foul territory is orange which must be touched by a runner when trying to beat a close play at first.

Most of the other rules are very similar to baseball. But, a lot is dependent on the type of league a player is participating in. However, there are a few things to remember. Some bats are considered illegal in a particular league and legal in some other games.

Similarly the mercy rule or time limit varies from league to league. Substitution can also vary based on the league. Information on Serois Softball game in Beijing Olympics 2008