Refers to an action where we run whether for exercise, leisure, fun or even as a profession. There are different concepts behind running depends upon situations and conditions. We can either take this as a sport or just an activity. In another words we may also describe it as a quickly moving from the foot. If we are discussing running, then we have to discuss what basic things we need during this. The first one is running shoes. For a good and balance running a athlete should have to wear a perfect shoe so that its comfortable for him too run, and there is not any stress or pain in foot or knee.

Before purchasing any a runner always check the grip of it, whether its comfortable to him or not, because if he run on the field not with the proper shoed then it may injury or stress or pain in his foot.

Next thing is running board that we have to discuss, first question arise in the mind id what is it? As per the name we can say that it is termed as a narrow footboard and served as a step beneath to the doors of cars. This word is relates to mechanical terms and don't have much significant in running. Running room is a concept that is related to the running in a particular room. Specially in training Gyms or health clubs, this special kind of rooms are provided for the runners to maintain their health and helps in weight loss and gives running techniques that helps them in making legs and knees strong and feel well by a continues running. Even for a professional runner or a athlete there is a separate room where he run and check his speed, this room is also known as the running room, this kind of room is provided by the clubs to the professionals for their sports purpose even professional coaches are also provided too these athletes and they teach them the ways to improved speed or reduce pain, etc.

This is a modern concept. In India, it is not much familiar. After this, our next target is to discuss about running clothes, like we all know that a person in short, pant and tie, is never accepted as a athlete, to take part in the running competitions, he should have to wear a specific types of clothes, like these clothes includes: - running pants, short sleeves, baggies longs, running skirt, etc. So, above are the clothes, which an athlete wears during his racing. There are online running store for which cell runnig equipments online.Free running is defined as another concept in running in which all the runners attempt to pass all the rounds in a smooth way. It's not much old concept as it starts from 1980's and here the athletes done the movements like vaulting and jumping. This is a high society sport and mostly used by upper class persons and their society, though it is familiar in gymnasium too. As it's a leisure source for upper classes it is not a frequently used concept.

Next step in our discussion moves on to Running tips, what it is, and how it is used! It is define as a suggestion or pills or capsules, etc which a runner get from his senior or coach. In order to improve the performance of a runner and to remove the stress from his mind his coach or manager gives him some suggestions, training or few legal medicines or capsules these are known as the training tips it also reduces pain in injuries and player implement on this when he is participating in the sport.

So, above are the discussion a runner require just few basic concepts and things during his job, and how they are useful for him. Hope you all are satisfied with discussion.