Rugby Six Nations Cup Trophy and Championship

RBS Six Nations Championship Cup

Every year, the RBS Six Nations Championship Cup is handed over to the winning Rugby Six Nations team. Few significant facts about the trophy:

  • The idea of presenting the Six Nations Championship Trophy was thought of “Earl” of estmorland, and he was to present the Championship Trophy in 1993 to France (winners of that season).
  • The Six Nations Championship Trophy is designed with 200 ounces of sterling silver and is assured for £55,000.
  • This Cup was designed by a silversmith, designer; named James Brent-Ward. Also eight craftsmen involved in this making and they were from silversmith William Comyns firm, from London.
  • The cup internal surface was made of original silver, and it became dull because of frequent fillings with champagne. The Cup has been lined with 22 carat gold to guard it.
  • The Cup has fifteen sides representing every player, and three handles on behalf of each official i.e. the two touch judges and a referee. Each of the six nation’s logos will be present around the wooden base of the Cup.
  • The handle is exchangeable (on the lid) and represents the present champions of the Six Nations Cup. The Recent championship was handed over to Wales. The champions “Prince of Wales feathers” was decorated at the moment the handle.
  • The five previous handles with of the Six Nations teams are kept hidden all through the championship.
  • The capacity of the Six Nations Cup is accurately five bottles of champagne and the Cup has a lip at the brim, designed in order to swallow it is easily.