Role Playing Games

This is the new and modern concept in game world. Role-playing games refers to all those games in which participant assume the role of a character and act like him. In other world we can also say that a player plays a game by assuming him as a particular fiction base character and continues the story of the character till the game ends. These games are flexible in nature and player can make changes in the game as per his convenience. As these games are fiction based and hence no relation with any kind of reality, these are played just for fun and entertainment or for recreation purpose in your free time.

This is not just a single game, actually they are basically a storytelling kind of game, and where after completion of a round a player has to move to another round. You can also say that this is a game having many rounds, its on you how much level you cross. If you are a perfect player, you can end the game.

These role-playing games are known as the best friends of children’s. In their free they always play these games for fun and enjoyment. Even these games teach a lot about the society. So you can say that it’s a good source of social issue too.

History of role-playing game is not so old, as it is a new concept. It starts in 1960’s with the concept of theater games and then it modified in 1970’s as fantasy war games. The first official game was developed in the year 1974, and named Dungeons and Dragons, and it becomes very popular though it was a subject of controversy in 1980. After seeing the success and popularity of these role-playing games, they develop more and more games, and earn lots of profits, by this new invention in the field of games. Nowadays these games are the best source of recreation and fun for kids and being played in almost every country.

If we are discussing about role-playing games, then it is must to discuss about its benefits and what are its positive points than other games. First and main benefits is that it is completely flexible in nature and players can play these games as per the comfort, they can create their own players, own teams, etc. By making score a child can easily understand the concept of math study, statistics and even accounting.

It is a part of social activity too as it is played between two players or a two teams, makes the relation between each other. As these are completely fiction-based games, there is no danger of physical injuries to the players. This is also a cheap source of game and entertainment and you don’t have to spend large amount of money to play these games.

In India, these are the most popular games among kids, as nowadays kids are very smart, hence they always like to play the different and newest games. And these role-playing games suited them a lot. They mostly play these games in their Computer, whenever they are free from their studies. They can play this game single or with any of their friend. These games are also one of the reasons that improve the knowledge capability of the kids. But still there are lots of advanced games that had not been discovered yet in India, due to lack of modern technology. In few modern Play schools, teachers study kids with the help of these role-playing games, it improves the learning skills among them.

So these are my views what we think about role-playing games and how it is beneficial to us, and I also thinks that you all are satisfied with my above views, and there are great demand of these games all over the world. Though mostly people thinks that these games are bad for the kids, but after going through the positive points as per the above they also know its benefits in students life, as it is a best stress remove source too.