Puzzle Games

A puzzle may be defined as a problem that challenges ingenuity. You can also say that puzzle is play which is not similar to any games or toys, etc. These are best mode of entertainment that the participant uses in their leisure time. This is an average game that is not so easy and not so tough for the players. These are tricky in nature and hence sometimes make you confuse.

Puzzle game is known as one of the intelligence game. A player uses this game to sharp their memory. Newspapers are known as the best puzzle provider, as puzzle game is printed everyday and everyday you see a column of games and puzzles in it and you can go for this option to make your memory sharp.

Puzzle games are mostly free in cost as they are published in newspapers, magazine, books, etc. You don’t have to spent large amount of money to play these games. There is age limit in this game. Adults, children, anyone can play their games. Even the word game is attached with this, but it is a good source of improving general knowledge and intelligence too. Puzzle games are very much similar to mathematics. In play schools teachers ask the small kids to play these puzzle so that their mind can develop and they can understand things, it also develops the thinking power of the children, Puzzle competitions are even organized in school levels to know who is the superior among the participants.

Though the winner gets the prize, but this game completely categorized under non-monetary and non-professional standard. As it is just play just for leisure purpose, it should not be a source of income. Now, these games are very much popular as Internet and computer games too. You can find these puzzle games free of cost in Internet and comfortably play it in your computer. This game was invented in 1962 by British electronic engineer named Denys Fisher. And there after, these games becomes popular and played in almost all over the world.

This should be used as study and play both purposes. Mostly used in schools games and colleges games for intelligence contests and played between two teams. And adults can play these games in their leisure time just to time pass, or prove their basic knowledge ability. But it is completely a part time play, and you make it as a permanent career source. As it does not include any world or country level tournaments. Puzzle improves the matching ability among children when they are playing. Other benefits are like improves logical thinking, increases statistical and calculating power, also enhances social skills as a child can play with his friends or family, etc.

Even it also helps you in making strategy and applies these strategies in your action or work. Parents are also very much satisfied with these puzzle games as they came to know how these are beneficial for their child growth. Whenever the puzzle game comes in your mind, you will always think it as an action from where you can learn or test your ability, knowledge. Plus you can play this for fun, entertainment and also to pass time when you are free. There are few state level competitions organizes for this sport.

Above are our views and thinking about the puzzle, how much it is popular, and what are the different benefits of its, and what are the different sources by which we can play these puzzle games. Hope you all are satisfied with my explanation as per the above.