This is a combination of Professionalism in sports. In professional sports, players receive payment for their performance, as opposed to amateur sports where they do not.

All of these professional Sports hired professional commentators and give them a good handsome amount for publicity of their games and make it popular. Even Media also plays vital role in development of these sports. For example, rugby union was for many years a part-time sport engaged in by amateurs, and English cricket has allegedly suffered in quality because of a "non-professional" approach. Today, more and more sports and demand of sports makes it professional.

Professional Sports Team includes all the sports teams or group of players, who plays for other country or other clubs, apart from his International Career, for monetary or social reasons. This kind of sports is very much popular in Soccer, Cricket, Hockey, etc. This kind of sports is a good source of money earning in leisure time, or the time, when there is no matches or tournaments in their country, they can go to these clubs and play for them in contract.

This kind of Sports is very much being popular through media, as they spent a lot in its publicity through the help of reporters and media. There are few top Soccer clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, etc, and many International Players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Beckham, Christino Ronaldo, are playing for these clubs. Same story is for Cricket too. There are lots of Cricket Clubs specially in England, which invites lots of International players from all over the world to play for them and paying them handsome amount.

A list of Professional Sport teams League:-

  • Major League Baseball Team:- AA - American Association ,AL - American League, FL - Federal League, NA - National Association of Professional Baseball Players, NL - National League, PL - Players League, UA - Union Association


  • Major Football League Team:-AFL I - American Football League, AFL II - American Football League, AFL III - American Football League, AFL IV - American Football League, AAFC - All-American Football Conference, APFA - American Professional Football Association (becomes NFL), NFL - National Football League (former APFA), Ind. - Independent football team CFL - Continental Football League.


  • Professional Hockey Teams:- The National Hockey League (NHL), The American Hockey League (AHL), The World Hockey Association (WHA), The Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA), The Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL), The National Hockey Association (NHA).


  • Professional Cricket Teams: - Lancashire, Glamorgan, Surry, Yorkshire, Essex, Kent, Hampshire, Durham, Derbyshire, Sussex, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Middlesex, etc.

Hence, there are lots of professional sports team in world and having millions of fans all over the world. This is a new Generation theme, which is very much popular because of its high earnings. It provides a great income opportunity to the players. Professional sports teams play an extremely significant role. They make a major contribution to the development of interest in sports, especially among young people, and to the expansion of the sports population.

Now, this kind of sports is very much popular through Internet Services, as there are lots of Internet Sites that provides the information about these professional sports team, allow you to play the demo fantasy games for their team. So that you can win gifts, prices, etc, from these games in the internet. It helps in promoting Professional Sports teams a lot.

Apart from all this benefits, there is a major drawback for this kind of sports, as this is a major revenue earning for the teams and players, hence the player always want to participate in this kind of sport and avoiding their Country matches, and because of this the popularity of the Country matches will go down.

The conclusion is that these Professional Sports are the better thing to work for, but only for a limit. So that it will not cost any kind of loss to your country too.