Play By Mail

As the name says play by mail means playing games with postal mail, E-mail or even online Internet Games. This is one of popular as well as modern stylish game. A well-known postal game named as Chess is one of the oldest game play through the mail. The postal game is developing as a way to geographical separated participants to play or compete with each other. These are present almost all over the world and very simple or easy to play. From time to time these games changed and modified and now become one of the popular games.

Games through postal mail not used nowadays, as it is a very old concept and hence people don’t want to be involve in this game and it is time consuming too.

These games are heavily varied, ranging from leading a party of heroic with both party and player alliances. But the second category: - Internet Games or Online Games becomes the most popular games nowadays. And these are frequently used all over the world. To promoting these online games, many of game websites provides free full games or free trial games for the customers. Even media too plays vital role in promotion of these Internet games. 1980’s are the period when these mail games was at their peak seasons.

If we speak about the benefits of these games then the first things comes in our mind is that it makes a good social relation between two or more persons on same country or different countries. It also helps them to know about each other’s country, tradition, places, views, likes, etc. Apart from this the benefit of Internet games are they are easy and fast to play, available 24hrs and 7 days online. No risk of injuries. Another thing is that you don’t need a friend of yours to play with you, like even if no player is available you can play with computer too.

These games helps in sharpen the memory and also test the basic general knowledge. And this completely unprofessional in nature, and monetary benefits are mostly not present in these games. The purposes to play these games are fun and entertainment, for the recreation. You can’t make this as your profession; you can just play these games for fun. After the invention of Internet games or online games, the concept of postal mail games comes to end. Though before these Internet games, postal mail game was one of the most popular games.

Concept of online Internet games started from 1980’s. The famous play by email game is Rebel Space. For two-player game, chess is the popular one, and every player want to play these as it is a mind game and your motive is to test another’s mind and show that you are superior in mind games than your opponent. For multi player purpose, Diplomacy is the best-known game, and frequently used nowadays, as it’s a multi player game, hence giving opportunity to more players to be a part of these games.

So, above are my views regarding play by mail concept. Its meaning, its types, what are its benefits and how these games are popular nowadays, and what are the purpose to play these games, whether its an ancient concept or the new one. I hope you all are satisfied with my feelings and views on play by mail.