Party Games

Party game is a mixed combination of party and games. Where party means a get together by family and friends for any specific reason like birthday, marriage, marriage anniversary, Halloween events etc. And here the game means playing fun and entertainment games for more excitement and enjoyment. In other words you can also say that it refers to the game that we play in any party. As it is not a professional game, its main purpose is double the fun and entertainment in the party.

party games are always played between family members and friends only and always located in any party. Party games are completely a social process and there are no monetary and financial terms here, though the winner will be rewarded may or may not by gifts, depends on party.

All party games are flexible in nature, and anyone can be a participant of these games. Party games should be played between kids and adults both depending on the game. These are completely non-monetary concept and having many social benefits in playing games in a party. As it’s a get together game, it helps in improving relation among the participants. We should divide these party games as: -

Children or Kid's Party Games:

Children or kids party games includes all those games in which kids participates. There are lots and lots of kid’s games in parties, we will tell you just a few one like catch the Balloon, Red Light Green Light, Poor Kitty, Twenty questions, etc. Children are considering as the best participants of party games, as kids enjoy each and every moment of party games.

Adult Party Games:

Adult party games are played between adult participants, though the purpose of playing these games are also for fun and enjoyment and not include any monetary beneficial or professionalism. Adult party games are completely fast mind games. Adult party games basically includes murder mystery games, general quiz, housie, and even board games. Adult party games are of the best game that improves the relations among the participants and a good social issue too.

Kid's Video Games as Party Gasmes:

Nowadays, video games are the new concept in party games. As the name says playing video games in parties. Kids are great fans of video games; hence the party organizer also organizes video games in parties just for adding some more fun and entertainment. This is completely a new concept and discovered just a year back.

If we are discussing the party games, then it is also necessary to discuss why we play these games. For kids, the purpose of playing these games is for fun, entertainment, etc. And for adults the purpose for playing these games is especially socially get together, removing work stress, keep them cool, and also a great source of recreation too.

In India, party games are very much popular. Each and every party there should be a game. In kid’s birthday or any other ceremony there are lots of games organized by the organizer like most commonly musical chair, four corners, Who Am I, Hats and Shoes, Housie, Passing the parcel, pop the balloon, etc. Kids as well as the adults play these games for fun and recreation. These party games makes all families and friends together for fun and making good social relation among each other. Even our culture says we are good in social activities and relation these games plays vital role in making good relation between new family members too.

In the end, I want to say that these party games are great source of recreation and there are lots of social benefits of this in our personal life. I had enjoyed a lot in my childhood days, especially in my or my friends birthday parties, as we all celebrate it with Antakshri (Song Game) and Musical chair. Hope you still remember the days of party games in you childhood. Best experience of a kid in his enjoyment. So, hence these are all my views on Party Games.